1988 Honda Prelude

1988 Honda Prelude 0.9.7

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1988 Honda Prelude (third generation), three versions


This is a custom-made car pack for Assetto Corsa. Three versions of the 1988 Honda Prelude are included: a 2-wheel steering, 4-wheel steering (4WS) and a modernized modified (for street) turbo-charged version.

I would recommend removing any old versions (if exists) before installing.

I encourage feedback -- let me know if you find any bugs, missing features or to request a feature.

Thanks, please enjoy!

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Latest updates

  1. Update v0.9.7

    Update with lots of minor issues/additions, many from user feedback -- thank you all for that...
  2. Fix

    REMOVE OLD VERSION BEFORE INSTALLING. - fixed headlight emission - fixed 4WS - fixed fog light...
  3. Update v0.9.6

    REMOVE OLD VERSION BEFORE INSTALLING. - added four-wheel steering to the original* - added more...

Latest reviews

Love these kinds of cars so much. Every modder seemed to be so laser focused on the latest bmw or mercedes and whatnot these past few years.
Torque/HP chart seems really weird, and the UI values are wrong. Right turnsignal indicator doesn't work. Headlights really need a refraction - You made it for other lights, so I'm guessing You experienced some issues with popup headlights? RELATIVE_TO=lights_dummy_name is probably what You're looking for :)

Beside those details, it's an excellent mod. Drives just like I'd expect from this kind of car. Thanks!
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Yes! I was having trouble with the refraction on the animated lights. Will try that variable. Thanks! (The other items will be fixed on the next release.)
Thx for your Sharing & constant updating.
Just a little recomemdation on the next update on the contour of the window frame on both sides of the vehicle.
The top portion (Front & back corner) of the window Trim Moulding /window Frame contour Could smooth out or Round off a bit,as it looks a little pointy compared to the real thing.
Seems to me you got the torque values wrong. You have it configured to a value of 127 that you think if lb-ft but the game assumes 127 Nm. The real car has a torque of 172 Nm, not 127 Nm. Though less important, I think the tuned version also has this torque discrepancy (349 lb-ft should be 473 Nm). Also, your 2WS model has the "4WS" wording written on the b-pilar. Also, for CM sake, avoid using capital letters on the folder's name.
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Thanks for catching those.
this is so awesome. I love how the clutch slips just like real turbo honda LOL, if you full throttle shift itll slip, then you have to negative blip the gas to get it to catch again, holy cow, this brings me back. i never had a prelude but drove several. built 12 turbo hondas myself and used to tune them. my buddy had a prelude Si back in 2002ish when we were in highshool. the car probably realistically ran a 15.9 second quartermile, but back then that was a rocket ship, you were hanging with or beating older vettes, newer mustangs, and anything that was a 4 cylinder NA. What a blast those days were.
not a bad mod, but the 4ws seems a bit unrealistic to me
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Hi Fantaxma, how so? The 4WS is configured exactly to how it mechanically works IRL.
Thank you!
thanks so much! engine sounds underwhelming compared to the real thing, but i still own mine and i'm hyped to be able to track it in AC :D
merci beaucoup
I used to drive one on these IRL back in the days. It had not 4WS though, but still a lot of nostalgic vibes. These have very interesting steering feelings due to 4WS and for me it was like 'Wow! This one is fitting into the turn perfectly, I can turn the wheel more! Oh, shi...'
Anyway, the mod has a great look and feel.
Awesome mod mate! I drove one of these for 10 years and I miss it. So good to see it finally get some love in a video game. the 4ws is a blast! I think however the brakes could be stronger or is there some kinda wierd abs going on? I know I managed to lock up mine on more then 1 occasion but I cant get the wheels to lock at all in the mod no matter how hard I stomp
Great work!!
Fantastic mod! Its my most driven road car :) The way it drives is super nice and it looks great
Mod lives up to the car. The 4WS is very noticeable and correctly aligned to the steering wheel angle. I own a 1990 4WS which has a different engine and rear tailight design, but still drives very similar. Have to pick non slick tires when racing against other similar P/W cars, its legit too good in the corners, you can take some hairpins near 100kmh if the corner is timed correctly to the 4WS activation. Only input would be the engine noise, it's a bit flat compared to how rich these higher displacement B series sound in real life; the redline noise is also a bit off, they "bounce" quicker than what is modeled. Not sure if the steering wheel on the 88-89 is a different but on mine its a solid black like the rest of the interior. But wow, this is an incredible mod and 100% required for canyon maps.
Great work!
This is a great mod. Remember the times I owned a BA4 Facelift by myself. The most sexiest from all Prelude models.
Love the new rims. Unfortunately the headlamp did not work for the Phoenix Red variant but the fog lamps work.
Very nice! Great username too !!! xD
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Yours too!

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