Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

Wicklow Mountains, Ireland 1.1.0

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Wicklow Mountains, Ireland
"Lap of the Gap" track for Assetto Corsa

REQUIRED: GrassFX -- please enable this, option in Custom Shaders Patch settings, with Medium or better. (You can run without it, but it will look terrible.)

The download is a PDF file with a link.

The Wicklow Mountains are located 30 kilometers south of Dublin. This track of real roads represents a small portion of it.

I have created layouts for the full track and have split the track in to 4 sections. It also has two full layouts with AI support. It is realistically very narrow in places (especially section 4) and has some very tight, low-speed turns.

Section 2 and 3, in the mountains, are very open and have very little trackside objects for reference. Also, there are large drainage ditches that will eat your wheels. This area can be very difficult and frustrating if you're not patient.


Feedback is welcome. Please report bugs or missing features.
Wicklow track map7.png

Also, I'd love to see your your pics and videos!

Thanks to @silvercross and @lukelad for additional screen shots.


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Latest updates

  1. Update v1.1.0

    Update v1.1.0 - added new section of road -- the L1036 to R759 (north of Roundwood) - Lynhams of...
  2. Update v1.0.0

    I consider this now a full version. I will continue to work on it, but more towards optimizing...
  3. Update v0.9.4

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Latest reviews

Excellent,Really good fun.
Excellent track!
Absolutely incredible experience being able to rally up the roads I've driven so many times in real life (and had to resist the urge to send it!)
If you could put Rathdrum in the loop , that would be fantastic ... The Rathdrum to Laragh Rd I've driven a few times in an Artic in the wee hours which is the only time I'd drive it ... I tend to terrify oncoming cars :)
I've never seen anything like this. I downloaded the Isle of Man TT and thought it was brilliant but this is immense. Fantastic work well done.
A1 lad
OMG!!!! thx!
Oh man, this is so awesome! The attention to detail given to everything, from the real buildings to the particular kerbs. I also feel the road surface is just right (many tracks similar to this are way too bumpy).

It was so much fun to drive these roads on weekends, to distract from the stress of work.. came in through R115 past Hellfire Club.. thank you so much for this, it is particularly special for someone who knows the real thing. Should go back to Ireland someday (perhaps once rents have gone down, a man can dream..).
What an incredible track
tank you
This is labor of love... thanks for the track!
Thanks a lot for your time. It's fun to drive every sunday.
Beautiful map. Fun and challenging roads. Pleasure to drive. Thank you!
cuando doy a descargar me lo descarga como un archivo pdf
Great map. Thank you for your work.
This mod is excellent! Right up there with the best free roams on Assetto Corsa. It feels like you're actually driving somewhere and there is a real danger of falling into a ditch or hitting a wall. Congratulations on this truly immersive mod

I took a lap and put it on YT.
this one also wont download for me :/
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
If you had asked for help in the 'Ask a question', we probably could have resolved.
big immense quality town fire agree advise install
Really pleasant relaxing map.
Need to work on performance,i have big tracks like full la canyons,union island and work fine,this one take several years to load and if load and on track performance is not great it is a beautiful map but need to get work on performance.
Strangely when I want to start the lap, the ground turns black, the background gets a weird color, and my car disappears :( did I miss something ?

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