Toyota Celica 2.0 GT 1986

Toyota Celica 2.0 GT 1986 0.9.2

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Toyota Celica 2.0 GT 1986 (ST162)

Open/close Moonroof - Num 9

Please enjoy!


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Latest updates

  1. Update v0.9.2

    - adjusted (corrected) interior shader values - made CM Paint Shop compatible (including license...
  2. Update v0.9.1

    Just some some fixes, updates: - proper wheels (snowflake style) for this model - improved shift...

Latest reviews

you should make the 3rd gen rwd version now :) lol
Recently the car stopped working. When I accelerate trying to leave the pits it sort of just glides sideways instead of driving away. Not sure if it's the tyre model that needs a fix or something else
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Disable 'Use extended physics'. DM me if you have any more problems.
Really cool, but I can't get the handbrake to work. Is there a fix for that? Also do you plan on ever having more tuning settings to play with like suspension, camber, etc? Also I own a 5th gen celica gt coupe irl, it would be really awesome if you could do that too, not enough FWD economy cars in the base game lol.
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Hi Blueman2, thanks! I've sent you a PM with info on how to adjust yourself.
Super cool! I have a proper dyno sheet from my own dyno of one of these from my own 2.0 Gti. Would that help in improving it?
I have this car as a convertible in real life and now i can drive it in the winter as well, thanks! Its great that you made the 150hp Version without catalytic converter bc i have that one too and that makes the acceleration/handling etc. pretty realistic to the real thing. Interior looks pretty good as well. My only complaint is that it sounds weird on the rev limiter but other than that, its perfect. Good job!
merci beaucoup
Decent Model, fun to drive. thanks
Thx for your update. Excellent Dash,but Exterior Lights could get some touchup in the next update.
Pretty fun to drive with, not sure how realistic the physics of this car is since I don't own one of these machines in real life but nevertheless, it's a really fun car to throw around or just casually drive around in! Not much to complain about other than what other people here have mentioned. Keep up the good work!
Great daily driver. Any chance of an ST183 next?
Great car, it looks amazing, it has a good sound and a good overall experience aswell, it suits perfectly into the game. just an issue and its the location of the hood cam but honestly i can't complain
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Will fix, thanks for that!
I've been looking for a mod since last year as I own one but I cant drive it due to engine trouble, i'm so glad to have found this.
Well done
Really good mod so far. Gave it a four because it uses suspension from the ST185 4WD, and aero from AE86. I hope for these to change in future updates unless you have a good explanation. The car is still fun to drive though.
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
The suspension is a version modified from the ST185 and the aero isn't complete yet.
A really nice 80's car, very pleasant and fun to drive! It makes for great track days with your excellent Honda Prelude. Thank you very much for the great work!
Own this car IRL and feels like a dream. Love to see some late 80s Celica love!!!
love this car thanks
Although an overall nice mod I'm wondering why do the rpms not drop when letting off the throttle in neutral?
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
I'm looking into that. Thanks!
nice :)

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