2005 Ford Transit

2005 Ford Transit 1.0

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Not quite sure I believe it, but apparently this is finally finished.
So if commercial vehicles are your thing, this one is for you. Go get it.

If not, never mind. More non-van content from me to you soon (none of which would have been possible had I not learned how on this silly van… so there’s that).



Hefty box. Has everything it should, so 4x LODs, dirt/damage (not great looking but nevermind), interior/exterior lights, proper animations (with a few extras), the full shebang. Its still a van mind you, so don’t get your hopes up.

AI don’t seem to be in any particular rush, tried to get them to hurry up a bit but that’s the best they can do. If you can’t beat them then I’m so sorry, my condolences to you.

As for ‘that’ Nordschleife time, don’t expect to beat it straight away. Remember this is the ‘pre-modified’ version; which means no weight or drag reduction, no slipstream to follow, and no pro-driver pedalling it. So you should be aiming for the 10:23, not the 10:08. Maybe a little faster as we don’t have plebs in Porsche’s to navigate passed. If you still can’t beat that, then my condolences to you once more.

Get your skin templates here (2D/3D):

SFX: @iRacer5
Police Skin: @hal4000

Big thanks to those who did some testing these past few weeks to ensure (fingers crossed) there are no issues.

I also really appreciate the huge number of guys who have helped out in any way over the period this project has been ongoing over on the AC forums or here on RD, especially in those early days when I had literally no idea what I was doing (arguably still don’t).








Please be nice and don’t edit/modify, rehost, sell, rip/convert any of this (2D/3D/Physics/SFX) without asking.

I know some of you will be dying to throw this in your ‘cAr TuNer!!1!!’ app, but if you could refrain, that’d be lovely – some toastier versions of this will be coming in future that should fill that hole...


Finally, if you’re still not convinced (I don’t blame you), then check out these videos which give a decent overview of what you’re getting into (I wouldn’t listen to the first guy though, he speaks a lot of nonsense):

If you still want more, here is a very large album that spans almost 3 years of progress. Massive internet points if you can scroll through the whole lot: https://imgur.com/a/npS1y


If you fancy it, donation link below:

Latest reviews

Wringing a diesel van around a racetrack for all its worth is surprisingly good fun, and it makes for a fantastic addition to road cruising, either to drive yourself or as an extra traffic car for immersion!
Great mod!
Really love this mod. This is unique, top quality and good fun in racing. We need more vans!
Perfection. Definition of "slow car driven fast".
Great driving feeling. Very well done. I increased the HP using Assetto Corsa Car Tuner and had a lot of fun.
Shame more servers don't use this car without forcing a ton of shitty jap car mods or whatever. This is one of the very best car mods in assetto corsa and too much fun, period
So much fun driving this. If there were more powerful version of this it would be great! This is surprisingly good to drive into curves. With VR glasses on and sitting higher, driving on a motion sim platform, you can feel how you move at a higher centre of gravity compared to the most common cars. I felt the weight shift from side to side. Transit has really good grip and suspension. It was really fun to drive the throttle down into the bends. Excellent!
Track day A.I hates me
Epic mod car b
An absolute blast to drive, well worth the download. $5 tip for you my man, get yourself a cup of coffee or something. This thing is way more fun than it has any right to be.
Some fun: https://imgur.com/a/MHUXg82
I don't know what it is about this Ford Transit but the minute you see the view from inside you are fully immersed. And that's not a joke. Something about the seat position, model, etc just makes it feel real. Apart from that it's great fun for bs racing with your friends!
I never realised how much I needed to throw an old Transit Van down a mountain pass until i downloaded this mod, thank you and to anyone that doesn't have a touge track mod, my condolences.
Awesome mod, truly impressive work. RIP Queen
Great mod well done.
Amazing mod, thankyou and well done. I just did a race against the AI at the old Spa and came 7th. When I checked the results I saw the winner was Sabine. What a lovely touch, I was never going to beat her was I? RIP.
Great mod
A mod so good its made me want a transit van in real life. I dont know what it is about it, its jut incredible haha.

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