2011 SLS GT3 " Rote Sau" preseason car

2011 SLS GT3 " Rote Sau" preseason car 1.1.2

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Latest updates

  1. matte paint sections

    Updated the exhaust ports to reflect the matte color of the actual car.
  2. Logo fixes, exhaust adjustments

    Fixed several logos, including cage transformations of rear Dunlop stickers, adjustment of rear...

Latest reviews

Very nice skin. Only that livery is not nice, I changed it in the CM editor to a more standard one.
It was already good but with the latest update even better!!! Lovely quality!!
Dat livery.png though :D
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
no snort about it! :D
It is rote Sau. O not Ö. Rot is the colour red in german. Two things are called Röt in Germany. One is a geological formation, the other is a small Village.
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Ah. I took the name from the car's page, they added the e, and Google translate did as well :)
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thanks :)

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