Mercedes AMG GT3 "Toronda Performance" carbon fibre

Mercedes AMG GT3 "Toronda Performance" carbon fibre 1.0

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Presenting my first AMG GT3 livery--Toronda Performance carbon edition! Featuring a full carbon fibre weave, AMG scheme, almost all fictional sponsors and my own fictional tyre brand and all kinds of other goodies!


Latest reviews

Awesome skin , nice job.
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you, Joao, first for even finding the mod, and rating it!
KOOL SKIN!!! * Downloaded * Many THANX!
oh good job
continue to make unpopular skin ..i love it
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
haha, I many projects right now, planned several colors in this scheme, maybe different sponsors.
Looks nice. Good work.

Have you thought about making some other versions of it? Maybe blue, or yellow?
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Yes! I just released this first livery as a appears it isn't very popular though.

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Bernd Graf
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