Summer at the Nordschleife

Summer at the Nordschleife 1.1

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In anticipation of the 2019 24-rennen, I present a much improved version of the textures for the track. I hope it increases the immersion for everyone, looks great with the "Sol" weather and night mode, too! :)




No ACC, but definitely a lot better than the stock textures and colors! Files have been optimized and compressed for best possible FPS.

All trees, grasses, recolorizations, some flags, branches, leaves, and some surfaces are my work. Banners, flags and the rest are from the popular RBS Nurbs mod :)

Latest updates

  1. Improved textures, grass color and new trees

    After 1.0 release, I'm uploading the final version of the summer Nordschleife mod. :) Featuring...

Latest reviews

This is really great. Too bad the author is long gone offline.
For those who suffer from some trees being transparent from afar (very distracting) I found out that deleting file “” fixes the issue. Must be some conflict in alpha channels or the DDS file was incorrectly compressed or something. I have not compared screens before and after deleting but nothing hit my eyes (maybe there is a difference but I do not care since the loss is smaller than the gain from well behaving trees, at least for me).
What I also found very distracting was this weird floating glare of brake lights. You can turn it off by editing the “A1 clear.ini” post processing filter. Open it in Notepad, go to [GLARE] section, then to AFTER_IMAGE line and change =1 to =0. With this small modification this is now my favorite PP filter.
Much better looking than original kunos textures. Unfortunately it seems that shadows don't affect the 2d grass blades so they appear much brighter than grassy ground texture under certain weather and time of day.
Love the mod, it gives a much better feel to the track. Some trees do look transparent from far away (alpha channel, it seems).
Does look very nice, how ever not terribly flash in VR :( Some trees are almost transparent, and the graffiti on the track behaves oddly as you approach it.
I do appreciate the effort, so thank you.
Fantastic new look to a classic track. Easy to use with CM skin features
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Good job, Thanks!!!
Sehr schoen!
Sraße ist blau, sieht aus wie Wasser
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Not if you use the right PP filter or provided filter. You may also want to look outside sometime: AC and ACC are far too yellowed in appearance, real daytime lighting is much cooler or 'bluer' in appearance.
To lower the trees was very good idea. Looks absolutely great now.
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Astute! Yes, watching the entire 24-h Rennen I noticed the trees are very close to the ground, they grow very time to cut the trunks!
Fantastic job Bernd its looking so much better in terms of nearly everything. May be you can help with the banners.
Is this mod only touching the banners on nordschleife or also on GP course as well? Because I have only the assetto banners on GP track visible.
Thanks for letting me know and thanl you so much for sharing this beauty.
Just amazing dude, super job :-)
Not bad. Maybe trees and grass textures are from ACC, but Marshall, billboards/adverts, box, flags, graffitis, sings, tents, vehicles, misc....etc....are from RBS mod.

I'm not going to say that you should have asked for permission, because I have only modified and improved the original textures of Kunos, but you could include me in the information, what do you think?
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Not bad :DDDD I've included you, it's a modable game, people have reused hundreds of textures I've made for tracks and cars, I have no problem sharing without's AC, just a game we all enjoy :)
To install this i can just drag it into the tracks folder right ?
The best Trees i ever seen in AssettoCorsa, i hope you make this kind of work in other tracks too, it'll be awesome, specially on tracks with a lot of trees like SPA and... well most of the Kunos tracks, monza, etc... Really good work man, thanks you for this.
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you, el, my modding time is extremely limited due to work, but I have a few track texture updates here on RD, and a few tracks I've been working on for months that are unreleased.
Very nice set of trees. Works really good with Sol, if the latest track light config is installed (6.4 by leBluem)
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Track light config?
Its a great update to Nordscleife track but just to mirror Gustav comment the tracks contrast and lighting on the track is too bright and looks like there is no textures
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Which PP filters are you using? I set my custom ones very bright, and the track looks great, looks decent too with the AC filters with the brightness increased. SOL filters give too much contrast, I don't recommend them.
It's an improvement, for sure, but I noticed that when using SOL (1.2.3), the track looks too bright when in shade. Maybe in a future update you can address this. Good job! Thanks!
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Hi Gustavo, I use a special PP filter set and weathers that I made which push AC much brighter as per real life. It is ok with Sol, but adapted better to my settings. However, it's quite easy to reduce the brightness of objects in GIMP or PS, and I encourage you to do that :)
SOL's summer color palette seemed a bit off for me on the Nordschleife, however this release definitely fixed it, resulting an overally consistent, nice looking summer feeling on this legendary track.

A very welcome addition, thank you.
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Sol is too similar to D6500K calibration, which is less blue than real life. Peter's weathers are best with overcast and night weather imho, but they are passable with this. I optimized it for my own PP filters, so. Working on the grass which is always a bear with a track this large, but the trees are 99% done along with other track side objects.

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