2012 ADAC Masters #4 "kfzteile24" SLS GT3

2012 ADAC Masters #4 "kfzteile24" SLS GT3 1.4.2

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Reproduced skin from the #4 car that raced in the 2012 ADAC series. Enjoy :)

Improved logos. I tried to reduce some of the extreme curvature on the mirrors and rear to varying degrees of success. The mirrors are the best they can be, the other logos are just about right :) The rear wing is now a 2K texture rather than the stock 1024 since the front intake patch logos needed to be a higher resolution.



Latest updates

  1. logo change

    I have updated the preview image to include my latest shop logo.
  2. FINAL version, add json file

    The last version was supposed to be the last...haha, but a friend got on me about the json...
  3. final version updates and adjustments

    Final version changes! I completely reworked the orange color to reflect the brighter, higher...

Latest reviews

loving it!!!! one of my favorite teams!
You need to get out more mate...... ;-)
what a clean job! Congratulations and thank you very much
Didn't think this skin could get any better, but guess I was wrong. Excellent work as usual!
Very Nice!! Thank you!!!
Amazing work !
Parfaite réplic ! well done & Thanks :)
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you!
at last some interesting SLS skin, good job
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Another update due today, thanks!
excellent as always
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thanks, releasing a graphics mod, noticed I missed a few things and thought I'd fix them :)
delicious =)
Nice one :-)
Fantastic skin , thanks mate !
Excellent. Thank you.

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