22´N24h Audi Team CarCollection #22

22´N24h Audi Team CarCollection #22 1.2V

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Happy new year to you all!
Today i present you my Audi Team Car Collection #22 Skin from 2022 24h Nordschleife race.
For the New RSS Aero V10 Evo2


The Car comes with CSP Addons such as:
  • Real Audi Badges
  • N24H Banner
  • PBR Adjustments
  • Yellow Glass
Made by @finnbot the great

As always i tried to get it as accruate as possible
(lit numberplate will come sooner or later)

Thanks to @MEDIIZA Designs for the tyre Pack and Quality Control of the Skin

I hope you guys enjoy the livery so much like i do and have fun driving it over the Nordschleife see ya!!!

If you have any problems with the skin let me know in the disscusion chat of this post

Latest updates

  1. model und base shader adjustment

    model und base shader got adjusted after reviews of "weird anomalies" that just was the...
  2. Forgot a part of the CSP addons


Latest reviews

Lovely, again. Thanks for the work!
update 1.2 is much better indeed, thanks a lot!
Excellent looking skin.
Really want to like this sking as the design is gorgeous but something is not right with the windshield. interior view looks dark and the windshield has a weird pattern on it.

Note that I only have the problem with this skin, no problem if I select another skin.

P.S: installed v1.1, with the included CSP extension files.
We are currently looking into that but that on the windshield is just the refelction of the interior but will get changed soon
One of my all-time favourite N24 liveries. Thank you!
10/10 fantastic work!
Blud below me wrote a damn Shakespearean monologue XD

Oh good skin btw, great work! :)
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Daaaaaamn! The quality on this is amazing. Amazing work as always. I myself am hoping that i finish the 2023 version by tonight. :)

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