24h Le Mans 1989

24h Le Mans 1989 1.02

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24h Le Mans 1989

Drive as Jean-Louis Schlesser in the 1989 24h Le Mans.

This championship includes seven of the C1 cars from the 1989 24h Le Mans, with all of the correct teams included. The cars and teams have been balanced for a relatively accurate experience, comparative to the 1989 qualifying results.

This is a custom championship built around a collection of cars, skins and tracks, created by the extremely talented people in the Assetto Corsa modding community. All credits can be found at the end of this page.

  • 1 Hour race
  • All cars balanced to their real life strengths
  • Correct 24h day/night cycle
  • Circuit De La Sarthe with no chicanes
  • All teams for included C1 cars (one Toyota team has been replaced with a similar team)

  • Silk Cut Jaguar (Jaguar XJR-9)
  • Brun Motorsport (Porsche 962C)
  • Joest Racing (Porsche 962)
  • Porsche Kremer Racing (Porsche 962)
  • Richard Lloyd Racing (Porsche 962)
  • Team Davey (Porsche 962)
  • Team Schuppan (Porsche 962)
  • Equip Almeras Freres (Porsche 962)
  • Obermaier Racing (Porsche 962)
  • Aston Martin (Aston Martin AMR1)
  • Nissan Motorsport (Nissan R89C)
  • Team Sauber Mercedes (Sauber C9)
  • Toyota Team Tom's (Toyota 89C-V)
  • Mazdaspeed (Mazda 787B)
  • Finish Line (Mazda 787B)



















Installation (in this order)

Note: It would be easier if I bundled everything up to install in one go, but there's a few reasons why I wouldn't. Firstly, it's a waste of resources hosting two of the same file. Secondly, if the resource is updated, I'd also have to update mine which takes time. Lastly, the original creators of the below assets should get the recognition and the download count, not me.

Step 01.

Download and install the cars listed below by dragging and dropping them into Content Manager:
  1. Jaguar XJR-9
  2. Aston Martin AMR1
  3. Nissan R89C
  4. Toyota 89C-V

Step 02.

Download and install the skins listed below by dragging and dropping them into Content Manager:
  1. Porsche Teams
  2. Mercedes Teams
  3. Toyota Teams
  4. Mazdaspeed Teams

Step 03.

Download and install the track listed below by dragging and dropping them into Content Manager:

Step 04.

Place the contents of the 'champs' folder into your Documents/Assetto Corsa/Champs folder.

  • AI are too slow
    Edit the championship (Content Manager > Content > Miscellaneous > User Championships) and edit the grid preset. At the bottom, add your own restrictor and/or ballast.
  • Changing your/other cars
    Edit the championship (as above) to swap it. Remember to add your car back into the AI grid, and remove the new car you're driving from the AI grid.
  • Adjusting race lengths
    You can tweak race times, AI numbers, your starting car and race lengths by altering the championship rounds (as above).
  • New AI Behaviour
    In the latest Content Manager, enable the new AI features under 'New AI Behaviour', such as allowing the AI to overtake if impatient. This improves the competitiveness of the AI enormously.

Known issues
  • Some tail logos on some 962C skins are cut off
    This is due to the skin originating from a shorttail version, but the longtail car was required for authenticity.

  • Some car sounds are quieter/louder than others
    This is down to the car and its creator

  • Some car headlights aren't as bright as others
    This is down to the car and its creator

  • Some car wheels don't have motion blur
    This is down to the car and its creator

  • The Porsche pack is collated and tweaked by myself to ensure that all the skins install properly. The original skins had issues installing to the wrong cars. Some were also for the shorttail 962, whereas the longtail was required. All original skin links are listed in the credits below.

  • If you'd like the same car previews that I'm using, download my Transparent Thumbnails mod to use the new preview style for Content Manager.

  • If you'd like a full weather cycle for the 24 hours, use the Sol Le Mans Weather Plan. Don't forget that a preview version of Custom Shaders Patch is required for RainFX to work. RainFX is already built into the Circuit De La Sarthe track.

Latest updates

  1. Version 1.02

    Fixed a bug where Time Multiplier returned to 0 Fixed missing driver names
  2. Version 1.01

    Tweaked track temperature

Latest reviews

Really nice work, but I have a problem, when I select the championship I can't select any car other than Mercedes, did I do something wrong with the installations?
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
You haven't done anything wrong, that's the car that has been selected for the championship. I have now included instructions at the bottom of the post on how to change your (or the AI) cars.
Very good job for gathering the cars , skins, ...
I appreciate it a lot.

But i gave it a try, and i have à mitigate feeling above the AI .
I could easily make the pole in 3:31 without konwing well the C9, which is about 15" slower as the real pole position in 1989.
I was with 360 km/h in the hunaudieres at least 20 km/h quicker as the other cars. It is not normal, intended that the C9 is able to Cruise at 380 km/h .

I tried to start last, and it takes an eternity for all cars to start !! ( can easily overtake 15 cars on the side !!!)

It remains that it is a nice job !!!
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
A few things:

- Enable the experimental New AI Behaviour in CSP. It slows the AI to overtake each other more impatiently.

- CM doesn't allow to speed slow cars up, so I can't speed them up to real life times. Instead, you have to slow the faster cars down so that the field is even.

- By editing the championship (Content > Misc > User Champs), you can give yourself a ballast which would even the field out.
REALLY good mod, but can you update it or tell me how to edit it so I can use different version of the car mods? I have different mods of the cars that are required which are better, so I don't want to waste storage.
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
By editing the championship in CM (guides on how to do this online), you can open up the Opponent list (grid), and remove/add cars. Be warned, other cars will be different speeds to the ones you're replacing, so you'd have to BoP them so they have the correct lap times.

I can understand what you mean, though. Run the two cars (mine and yours) on track and have AI drive them. Look at the times. If the new one is faster, add a restrictor. If it's faster, you'll have to remove the restrictors on the other cars around it in the championship so they all have a fair fight.

Which cars do you have that are better? I'm happy to replace them with better quality versions.
Thanks. Any chance for a 1970 Le Mans featuring the 917K future release?
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
If I can find a lot of the cars that took place for AC, then absolutely.
Keep up the good work.
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
Thank you!
Thank you, really nice and good making.
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
You're welcome!
Everything that's based on real life races, especially from Geraint Thomas, is chef's kiss !
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
Much appreciated, means a lot!
Question: How did you perform a balance of performance so that there are no significantly superior cars on the best lap track?
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
The trick is to get them all on a circuit and monitor the lap times. Then per-class, find the slowest car and add ballasts & restrictors to the others in the same class so that they slow to the same time (you can slow AI with restrictors, you can't speed up). Then when they're setting similar lap times, start to add more to the ones considered slower. Then do the same with the other classes so they're relatively slower.
Excellent, really well done enjoying it.
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas
Glad to hear!

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