2REAL - More Traffic Cars for Traffic Tool

2REAL - More Traffic Cars for Traffic Tool 1.0

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Additional cars for CSP Traffic Planner.
I made 2 versions, this one with 6 additional cars from official discord SRP2.9.1 Traffic Car Pack. You can get the Version with 25 new added cars on my patreon for free. Please check if you have all the cars installed, otherwise follow tutorial in the readme on how to delete cars from the carlist & data folder.

Make copy of Traffic Planner Tool as Backup in case something wents wrong.

Thats it :) Hope you enjoy

2REAL on Discord: https://discord.gg/ZgXeghFZe5
thanks for your support on my patreon < 3

Special Thanks to @mikologatschi for identifying and fixing the bugs from my first release, looking foreward to future projects!!

Check out 2REAL Traffic for maps like SRP Shibuya, Union Island, Daikoko & more

Latest updates

  1. 8 Cars for Traffic Planner (Fix)

    height bug & some other bugs fixed. Special Thanks to Mikologatschi for the amazing work!!!

Latest reviews

инструкцию подробную для чайников надо детали траффика
машин пропадают то черные полностью что делать видео по нормальной установки подробной нету
This is a great mod, but I have a problem the lights of the traffic card won't turn on I have the Force ai headlights and force headlights enabled, do you know how can i fix that?
yes, so far this only works when you start the session at night time. then every car should have visible and emmissive light.
Where can i find this cars??? there is no download link for the Car it self?
''cars from official discord SRP2.9.1 Traffic Car Pack'' :)
Great addition! Do you think you can make the only-white traffic cars change color?
sure, just dont know what is preventing them from changing, some cars it works some cars not... but will be fixed!
These 6 additional cars appear, at least to me, all and always in white whereas the original 2 cars (alfa and bmw) appear in all sorts of colors; there's also a glitch on textures because the new cars appear black in the distance and then they turn white as they are approaching, this also does not happen with the original 2 cars. Maybe it's my system though I've followed the instructions verbatim. Other than this, great, keep them coming!
hello, your issues are ''normal'' sadly. Are all cars turning black in the distance? I am working on the code to fix these problems and i an gurantee you that they will be fixed! dont really know how to do it for now but thats just a matter of time... alternativley check out the 25 cars version, there should be more cars without this problems.

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