458 Speciale Skin Pack

458 Speciale Skin Pack 4K Novitec Gold Edition

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Big thanks to "blackcelica" for the wonderful Ferrari suits I used in these skins. This suit pack is available at RD.
These skins are called Speciale Cielo / Fuoco and Speciale Cielo Corsa / Fuoco Corsa.
Cielo means sky or heaven in Italian, Fuoco means fire.
Many detailed changes to these cars:
*for the standard versions (Speciale):
-tires, lights, grids, engine, brake discs, logo's, carbon mirrors, body coloured parts, driver suits, detailed interior changes according to exterior colours, display, pitboard,...
*for the S3 versions(Speciale Corsa):
-tires, lights, grids, engine, brake discs, logo's, carbon mirrors, driver suits, lots of carbon parts interior and exterior (seats, roof, wheel, engine,...),...SFX engine sound file adjusted! (sound of Exos engine)!!! Don't install if not wanted.
See for yourself :) (More pics in the discussion area and at the photo section of RD).

Latest updates

  1. Added 1 new skin: Novitec Gold Edition, based on real 458 Novitec.

    This pack just doesn't end, does it :rolleyes: I saw this magnificent Novitec 458...
  2. new display colors for the cockpit of the GT2 skins

    Some new display colors for the cockpit of the GT2 skins: GoDaddy Veleno and so on...
  3. GoDaddy race skin for GT2 Ferrari as a bonus to the pack.

    I made this skin a while ago for personal use for "Tomtiger123" and "blackcelica" but decided to...

Latest reviews

Very Impressive attention to detail.
  • Deleted member
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 4K Novitec Gold Edition
Wow, Thanks a bunch for telling me about this pack!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
no worries, I've got more skin packs ;-) LaFerrari, Huayra, Zonda R, P1. Enjoy.
These skins are incredible! You clearly put a lot of work into adjusting every part of the car, not just the shell. The Finale.. wow, just wow!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks, I enjoyed making it, I learned a lot making this pack.
Words can't do justice for how awesome this pack is. Congrats.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
A picture says more than a thousand words, then imagine what all the pictures on my fb page would say. Click the driving emotions map and relax for half an hour...
how to restore original audio file ?
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
The audio file isn't in the pack anymore. All audio files have been reworked by Kunos and I did'nt include it anymore since a few updates. Restore the original bank audio file by doing a Steam check of AC.
Absolutely amazing work!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thank you very much. Just had a personal request for two additional 458 skins. So I guess this won't be the end of the pack
Very nice work. Thank you
You are the "golden boy" of skin making i love your work so much :-D !!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Wow, maybe one day I get a golden award
4k is the way to go, nothing comes close to the quality and sharpness, esp if you have a good GPU and CPU. I hope some of the custom shops like CAS and TechArt find these and make real liveries of them.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks, man. Appreciate it. I hope so too
Awesome work! You should take donations for that work and hopefully your next projects!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
In a world where nothing is free of charge, this is the exception :-)
Absolutely fantastic skins, especially with all the updates
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thank you very much :-)
The added 458 Speciale Finale is amazing - great detailed skinning!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks :-) It's all about the details!
Just an amazing amount of effort and love gone in to this work. You should be proud of this fine achievment. Keep up the enthousiasm on all future projects. I for one am looking forward to them.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
So am I :-) Pleased to have such good coöps.
Thanks Again Looks so good. I really like your Great Work Please Keep it Up on something else, Please...............=)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Well, I was starting on the Pagani Huayra, looking for full body high res sparkling and shining colours for it :-)
Thanks 4 d reviews, appreciate it.
Big thanks for this Skin-Pack a wonderful work from A-Z in all details...hope you have the time this week i am waiting for another lovely skin you know which i mean ;-)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
I think it will be the end of this week or the beginning of next week :-)
I can only give you 5 Stars but 100 Stars were correct :-D !!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
20 times 5 stars = 100 stars :-)
Wonderful and brilliant again...your work in skins is so nicely !!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
I think you're my biggest fan :-) Thanks and you're welcome. You motivate me to make some more high quality stuff. There just might be a surprise in it for you, who knows?!
Nice Pack Thanks Good Job :)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
You're welcome, thanks 4 d review.
I'm speechless! These are some of the Very Best skin's I've seen Yet! You done a Fabulous Job on this project. KEEP IT UP ..................=)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Big thanks for the big cheers :-)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks...oh you meant the skins??!! ;-)

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