70 Monza by motorfx

70 Monza by motorfx 1.0

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Reupload from rFC

70 Monza by motorfx V1.0

"An updated version of the 2 earlier monza layouts, 70sMonza and 70Monza10K the one that uses the old banking. It has Animated marshals, startlights /pitlights, a later update may have animated flag starts. Although I have used artistic licence when it comes to the track, and the banking probably was'nt used in the 70's, please dont pay too much attention to the naming or historical accuracies,. these are just fast paced tracks and should be fun :)

This is another in the series that was to be used for the rFactor 1970 mod that I did on behalf of NormHart & theCSGT group, there is quite few to the series of 70's tracks, Although they were due to span more of a time period, so the naming is mine mainly so as not to clash with other released work, as with Osterreichring70, Sebring70, Daytona70 and the Mother plus others, 70sMonza was or were going to be released for use with the CSGT group's WSC70 rfactor mod, all the tracks were based on former GPL tracks. and the various permission was granted for use on the CSGT mod.. This version as with the earlier gtr2 version is based on the work I initially did for the track pack to be used in rfactor, although this is really a complete rebuild again of that earlier work..

latest vers 14thJune10
While I was putting this track across into GTL ,Race07, I updated this track a bit further and
I changed the appearance of the track as now all 68 road materials are now spec and bump mapped, some of the changes may not be so obvious. Some I have made extra for this gtr2 version 2.0.. I personally like running this track in GTR2, and decided to release another version after updating and reworking it again. which meant retexturing, remapping and remodelling some objects, hopefully all the enhancements make another upload and download worthwhile; for those that have limits etc .. heres some of the changes mentioned below.
reworked the the bridge section again where the banking crosses over the track to improve appearance and also to remove the false shadow that showed up on track above, added dynamic tree shadows there and a few more places, made and added Coca cola sign. remodelled pits and some textures , overall cleaned up the appearance of the odd armco barriers and made new textures. some 2d pit people (alphas cleaned up) still remain, but removed a lot of them and added 3d team/pit crews reworked from my Reims track work. some 3d spectators by pit area added.
fixed the normals on the circuit towers and updated some textures, In places on the wall section where trees are appearing through the wall I remodelled that section to give the appearance of holes. few of the original textures are remade. changed lod's for some objects while I reworked them . remoddled the road section in pits and grid areas couple, each layout has different representation of its own grid ...couple of crane trucks added, have fun,

put into rfactor 8thJuly2010

cheers Ken H (motorfx)"
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