70 Silverstone by motorfx

70 Silverstone by motorfx 0.92

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Reupload from RSC

70 Silverstone by motorfx

"This is another of the old tracks converted from gpl, the credits and thanks for this track go to the papyrus team... a long time ago it was going to be used in 79 mod, then possibly for crews 71, now this version will be used with the1966 mod in f1challenge that Samalex is working on. Some may know I have been working on several old tracks and reworking them ready for Crew 71/75 mod and also for SamAlex to use in F1Challenge, I put them into rfactor, mainly I find it easier to export any additional modelling straight into rfactor GMTs to help sort out all the details and AIW, they are easily converted to GTL and GTR2, athough they are all really still WIP stage and they are not all fully enhanced for rFactor ,GTL etc you may notice their roots. .. Seeing how some liked Oesterreich70 and there are few fans of these old tracks, I thought you might like to try out my rendition of Silverstone70... I know it wont appeal to everone, until the mods are out it can be used with, but its drivable and you can run races on it, the grids are done to represent how they used to line up. so its a mad dash to first turn :)
note: some tracks are built with changing flags to represent pit lights and start lights and Silverstone70 is one of them..
someone asked in the thread what other tracks are in my 70stracks folder,? rather than list them , I can say some have been released by other modders or will be , some may see them finished ready for release with different mods..?
just to add the grass on this is based on the look of a later Silverstone and is a reworked larger texture, which made it easier for me to map, as some may notice nearly all gpl tracks when converted have very small repetative patterns on the texture mapping...

delete Silverstone70 hatfile before running this later
vers 0.95 , as I've remodelled track sections and made new aiw to suit
although some crowd are absent while testing and practice sessions
they and adverts signs should now be brighter to see in each session.

cheers Ken H (motorfx)"
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