70 Monza High Res Textures by mrpowcz

70 Monza High Res Textures by mrpowcz 1.0

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Reupload from F1C

70 Monza High Res Textures by mrpowcz (osella)

"Base track: 70 monza 1.0 by motorfx
Author: Lukas Paur "osella"

Hi res texture updates of trees, road surface and horizon and some minor stuff.
Buildings and spectators use old tex because I can't make my own and didn't find appropriate.
I'm beginner to track editing so I wanted to keep it simple and release something, merely replacing some textures, I think it's still worth using as the track is now more alive.

Known bugs: the same as original track, ie. pretty heavy trees flickering. Not sure how to eliminate it, sorry. At least for now.
Texture sources: Redhawk's free hires trees, free texture web sites.
Permission: granted by motorfx
Contact: "osella", on some simsites "mrpowcz""
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