90's Golden Drift Spot Project #5 - DOUSOJIN TOUGE (道祖神峠)

90's Golden Drift Spot Project #5 - DOUSOJIN TOUGE (道祖神峠) 1.3

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<90s Golden Drift Spot Project>
This project will going to reborn the legendary drift locations in Japan, acknowledging people the real deals happened in the late 80s and the early 90s, away from Initial D locations but the drifters were actually appear til nowadays.


Dousojin Touge (道祖神峠), is Route 42 located on Mountain Wagakuni, Ibaraki- also well know for the another nickname: The Wagakuni Touge (吾国峠)

Dousojin Touge is a touge connected between Ishioka city and Kasama city. Full of natural and refreshing facilities such as Najiwara Firefly's village that you could watch fireflies everywhere in certain season.

But on the other side, Dousojin Touge is one of the most popular racing and drifting spot at the Mountain Tsukuba area in the 90s. No matter bikes or cars, numerous of people have spend their teenage moment at Mountain Wagakuni.






Dousojin Touge, is well known for the never ends S corners, very wide road width and less traffic that people could pack the whole course with cars in the afternoon. The steepness of the course making the run more fun and challenging.

This pack will come with a present Dousojin Touge and a 1990 layout version of it. In 1990 version, there's a parking area for U-turn at both sides.

Now take a look at the course guide by Mr. K back then:
and a walkthrough for a present:

The real life buddies back then:

Also take a look bike buddies:

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>Happy Drifting!<

Latest updates

  1. 90's Golden Drift Spot Project #5 - Dousojin Touge (道祖神峠) ver. 1.3

    Update on 1.3: - Hotfix on Custom Shader Patch v.1.30 bugs about alpha textures. - Test usage on...
  2. 90's Golden Drift Spot Project #5 - DOUSOJIN TOUGE (道祖神峠)

    Update version 1.2 Thanks for the team hardwork. Update content: - Minor texture error fixed -...
  3. 90's Golden Drift Spot Project #5 - DOUSOJIN TOUGE (道祖神峠) V1.1

    Dousojin Touge version 1.1 update - Massive performance update - Shaders update - Cameras added...

Latest reviews

About the snow scene in version 1.3
Delete dousojin_touge.ini under this path
The track is really good but when i load it up everything looks like its covered in snow no matter what time i choose and i dont know if thats intentional.
Im having trouble iwhen i load the game up it says im missing "cicuit" and i don't know how to fix it
I love this! Wish it was longer!! With CSP and Rain.... Perfection!

Sorry but both tracks have sun light issue, no matter what time i choose.
had an issue, skyflightmusic helped me out, and now the mod works like a charm. lots of fun
Cant load track, put everything in the correct place and it wont work
why is my track not loading? it puts me back to menu. i copied all the files
Excellent work. one of the best touge makers
Great update for a Great Track!!!!
hopefully more shader patch compatible update to come for older 90s GDSP tracx
The best
This track is amazing. It's a shame that I only get 30 FPS on the 90's version when I usually get 60 FPS on most tracks. Despite that, this is great work. Please keep going!
I'm fairly new to both sim games and AC in general; without even realizing ive been playing this track religiously for almost a week on the recommendation of a friend. Im honestly NOT that great at drifting in sims (although im okay in real life) and this track has helped me improve significantly and i've had some of the best tandem runs and so far some of the best gameplay since buying the game on here. I'm yet to try your other tracks; but I'm extremely happy with this one! keep up the good work.
Another quality release, truly an amazing job, while the tracks are a bit short, they sure make up for it with the sheer quality and attention to detail that they recieve, beautiful on every aspect!
very nice work
Nice Track, Just one complaint and thats your introduction. English may not be your first language but that introduction makes no sense. Correction:
( This project is aiming to recreate the legendary drift locations in Japan, Its is a very popular drifting spot for drifters in the late 80's and the 90's. Although it is away from locations introduced by Inital D its remains a popular drift spot till today.)
Sorry I'm really not an english speaker so appology for the weird english but hey, you can understand it then it's fine.
Another well executed mod. Only complaint is small box area. Id reccommend dividing it in two, one at the top one at the bottom

Had fun at a stream.
Thank you
I did most of the thing reguarding to the real life, I don't want to change it too much unless I really could not find a better place like Otarumi. Maybe I could extended it more longer, thanks for the feedback.

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