90's Golden Drift Spot Project Intermission #6 - Okuibuki Motor Park

90's Golden Drift Spot Project Intermission #6 - Okuibuki Motor Park 2.0

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Intermission section of 90's Golden Drift Spot Project, anything non touge or 90's related will goes to here.


Okuibuki Motor Park (奥伊吹モーターパーク)
Okuibuki Ski Resort is a famous ski resort in west Japapn area located in Shiga prefecture. Easy access and beautiful view, even have in house DJ available make it pretty well known for snow lovers. With together in total of 9 huge car parks, the capacity is very large compare to other ski resort.


When there's no snow in Summer, Okuibuki Ski Resort is transform into Okuibuki Motor Park and offering 3 of their biggest car parks for rent as different events. Race, drift, test, bike stunts, car show you name it. For the most time the biggest car park, which is Car park 4 is the place for holding events like drift and gymkhana. The close distance between the audience and cars are very close and it makes all joy these events. It even also able to rent a night event which this isn't able on many other non-circuit type motor parks.


But instead car park renting, there is also a entire full loop course that is able for use, however it's more dangerous and not always are able to run. Because part of the road is actually a public road, it is more "Touge-ish course" people called.
Here you can take a more in depth course introduction in this video:



Okuibuki is also one of the Formula Drift Japan stage. Despite on how the course is actually a public road, it is always been one of the trickiest course even it look pretty simple at the layout. Here's a little demo by StreetVersion team.

Real life videos:

We also have a donation paid version offer for people that may need to have specific layout for event and so on, the layout will be clear with no barriers. Message us on Facebook for it.
More info please look at picture below:


Besides that we hope you
Keep Drifting Fun!
90's Golden Drift Spot Project


*addtional files for configs please follow the instruction insides to install it.*

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Latest reviews

freaking amazing additions to this track. been waiting for this a long while. good stuff
Excellent track! This is one of the best tracks for AC.
ALSO... PLEASE FIX THE APPEARANCE OF ALL SKINS... you can only spawn in pits and some skins spawn at the end!
thanks for the update <3
Only this truck can do liaison corridor drifting!
You can run it in various layouts, and it's at a level where you can buy it even if you have to pay for it!
this is it. the best track in ac. it always has been
Great track to learn drifting! Probably the best one.
Good drift course
Great track as usual. Some good fun in GT3 cars ;)
Is there some sort of guide on how to install this track?
a very big installation readme inside the pack....
these guys always pulling through for the community, thanks for making another amazing set of tracks!
You guys seriously are awesome.
Great as always :)
never fail to impress with their tracks
just the track presentation, videos and all the info about this track deserves 5 stars! I wish other tracks had half detailed post like this.
hey I tried hard to type it out :)
finally waited all day for this
Your work is always beautiful!
Thank you for the great experience! !

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