Accurate horn sound effect for Lamborghini Countach

Accurate horn sound effect for Lamborghini Countach Arc 1

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This mod replaces the horn of both Kunos Lamborghini Countach (Stock and S1) with an accurate horn of the original car. The horn sound effect was borrowed from the vid below:

Special thanks to Doug DeMuro for the video (Credit)

Now, the installation's simple. All you gotta do is open the zip folders, then you'll see two Lamborghini Countach files by Kunos Simulazioni:

Inside these two (2) files contain only a sound effect folder (titled sfx) with it's respective BANK files in it. Now, take the BANK files from these respective car folders then drag and drop them into the exact sfx folders of the original vehicle files.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\[sample vehicle name]\sfx

Never upload this mod without my permit despite any means, otherwise you'll be driven into the Shadow Realm (not kidding, you know what that means)

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It's very good, but I thought it was an addition (be careful because it replaces the original file) it would be great if it was in files to add in the sfx folder + a notepad (I don't know if it's possible/easy to do) since I use a custom sound on the S1, but I'll save it for the 25th and US spec because of how well optimized it is. Thanks.
very satisfying

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