Ascari Race Resort

Ascari Race Resort 1.0

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Ascari Race Resort v1.0 by Shin956 + Mike08 + Tyrone
AC Converted by @shin956

complete map textures rework and config rework (night lights & building lights, custom grassFX with new textures, etc.) by @MJaY_8

terrain trees, 3D background, rocks and update ext_config (apply parallax, shader updates etc.) by @Tyrone

Release Trailer by @RustyRussell84

some config parts from CrisT86
other fixes, improvements by Sliderman
additional layouts by GzeroD
section files by @Fanapryde
cam by DaBaeda
distant airliners, distant balloons and chopper by @Mascot
edited terrain texture by GADU
some textures by kunos
Test and Feedback by @macko68 , @breathe_reprise , @Fanapryde , norms, @Mascot , twobegreen, @Gunnar333 , @rmi_wood

A car enthusiast's wild fantasy made real, the Ascari Race Resort is a private track which allows the well-heeled to indulge their passion for speed in a fairy-tale setting among southern Spain's magnificent Andalusian mountains.(

Conversion from rFactor2.

-CSP required
-24 pit/start
-4 layouts
-AI, cam

Credits & Thanks;
Original track by Fernando
Converted rF2 version by Lito ArRon
Updated rF2 version by Philrob, T0p5ecret, S.Victor & Corti
-Thank you for giving me permission (Corti)


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Latest reviews

Great looking track. Incredibly fun with agile cars, recommended.
Stunning track . Thankyou guys . please give estoril this love .
really beautiful, thanks
Amazing job Clap. Was funny to investigate de resort with car haha
Remember watching a Jeremy Clarkson DVD of him barrelling round this circuit in a load of cars, this was around 2010-2011 but always wanted to see this circuit in a sim
For the better and the worse, this track looks, races, and feels extremely "Castilian-esque."
The hilly country side is abundant with Spanish type deciduous trees. The track is very hilly, with plenty of elevation change and for my tastes -- too many 'blind chicanes and turns' which makes this circuit a little too challenging and thus UN-fun...

It is a little too easy to go off the road and miss a turn -plenty of times throughout the track. This type of circuit obviously needs to be memorized to get a feel and recall for every single turn that exists...
Simply awesome.
This has become one of my very favourite new circuits of 2022. It's suitable for a wide range of cars, has great elevation and a wonderful combination of turns. You've had quite a year of great tracks, and this is a clear example as to why. Thank you. I just did a post about it in my fb group as well, with a link back here.
Hi, I'm from Málaga and I have been in Ascari several times when I have visited Ronda, you have done an awesome work. Thanks a lot!!
IMPRESIONANTE TRABAJO REALIZADO, yo he rodado en el circuito puedo decir que esta super conseguida esta pista, y más teniendo en cuenta lo dificil que es dado que tiene muchisimos peraltes, grandisimo trabajo en los box, cafeteria , parte trasera, vamos un 10 A LOS CREADORES

Ahora a por Guadix y Almería jeje
Great. My ex-girlfriend is from Ronda and I know that one of her oncles works on the race track. It would be most likely this one...
Awesome stuff. Thank you!
Por fin!! Muchas gracias por tu trabajo, el funcionamiento es perfecto!!
Fantastis landscape and track !!! Thank you guys !!
I've been looking for a high quality version of this track for many, many years! Thank you so much!!!
Simply brilliant, I was hoping for a decent version of this circuit to appear somewhere, and instead we now have this gem. Thanks a lot to everyone involved in this amazing work.
Fabulous circuit with a really satisfying flow -- and incredibly addicting. Once you start turning laps here, you don't want to stop. Looks and feels so good.

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