Bahrain International Circuit (All Layouts)

Bahrain International Circuit (All Layouts) 2.2

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Converted with permission from CTDP and McNolo.
CTDP made the original version for rFactor, McNolo then made a conversion/update for rFactor 2, I have now converted/updated McNolo's version to Assetto Corsa.

You are NOT allowed to convert this to another game, redistrubute or edit this track without permission.

Custom Shaders Patch highly recommended. It will work without, but you will not get the night lighting etc.

RainFX is currently only available from Ilja Jusupov aka x4ab's Patreon.

To install, copy the "content" and "extension" folder to the root of your "assettocorsa" folder.

If the night lighting isn't turning on, check these things:
  • Check that in CSP settings you have 'Lighting FX' enabled.

  • Check 'Weather FX' is enabled in the CSP settings. The lights need this to be enabled, otherwise the game doesn't have night-time. You don't need SOL, but it does make things look better if you have it.

  • Check that the config was correctly placed in assettocorsa > extension > config > tracks > loaded. (From the RAR you downloaded, drag the 'extension' folder into the root of your 'assettocorsa' folder)

All 6 Layouts:
  • Grand Prix (36 Cars)
  • Endurance (36 Cars)
  • Outer (36 cars)
  • Paddock (36 Cars)
  • Inner (20 Cars)
  • Test Oval (36 Cars)

This track is complete with dynamic night lighting that turns on at night and off during the day. It also has digital track flags, Grass FX, Rain FX, fireworks and working DRS Zones.

When you see the fireworks can be changed by going to: Content Manager > Settings > Custom Shaders Patch > Particles FX > Fireworks Behaviour.


Day 1.jpg

Night 1.jpg





DannyDotCom has made some FOM style cameras, you can grab them from here:

I would like to take a moment to thank CTDP Dahie and McNolo for giving me permission to convert their work.

Latest updates

  1. 2.2

    The off-track areas no longer slow you down. The night lighting has been completely redone...
  2. Bits and Pieces

    Overhauled the Asphalt and Runoff shaders. The sun now rises and sets in the correct real world...
  3. 2.0

    You may wish to delete the old track folder before installing this version. Custom Shaders...

Latest reviews

Phenomenal work! Thank you so damned much for this. I NEED the practice to iron out my ignorance.
thank you.
People need to appreciate more that you give them a beautiful rendition of Bahrain, night racing included free of charge and keep feedback about issues or inaccuracies for the discussion thread instead... nice job thank you very much!
Nice track, very funny.
Is-it possible to have more than 36 pits for Wec race ?
Very nice! Really enjoy driving this track.
Awful version of the track. "Converted" from rFactor 1 means the track looks woefully dated and there are giant bumps all over the track due to the lower resolution track mesh. We had to race here twice in two weeks on SRS and both were torture. Maybe if all you use AC for is taking pretty screenshots this'll be ok for your Formula One roleplaying but to actually race on it's a disaster.
Fantastic job! Thank you
The off track has been amended, but the circuit itself is still very inaccurate. Inside kerbs at t1 and t4 are way too small, there’s a bump at the exit of t13 that shouldn’t exist in accordance to real life , the elevation changes at t5-7, 9-10 and 11-12 are completely wrong and the corner angle of t4 is way too sharp and way too slow.
I know somebody will dislike my comment but for me CTDP = 5 Stars no matter what
awesome, nice update, thanks my friend
Fix the bumps on some corners, and the lighting is way too bright.
Hi there, if you feel the lighting is too bright you can try changing your game exposure, or you can decrease the "LIT_MULT" value in the track's CSP config :)
nice =(
The track is good, it could be better and there is a lot potential for it. But I can't get the lighting to work at night, I've even tried the steps included and it still won't work. (This part is a personal problem of mine and won't affect my star rating)
Best thing, all the layouts, but really below the 2021 standards for track modding in AC overall. Potential is still there though.
Not great, not terrible.
I'll list the bad parts.

- Lighting is too strong on the track/cars, no matter what exposure setting with A3PP, giving a very bright/unrealistic shine - this even affects the in-game display names at various points of the track, which really shouldn't be affected by the lighting at all, and that's concerning

- - Random void of darkness is very noticeable on the outside of the track

- Corners, for example Turn 1 through Turn 3, don't seem accurate to real life
I give it 3 stars because of the many layouts and night racing, but apart from this you have a lot of work to make this circuit accurate. Elevation changes are horrendous and/or inexistant, some kerbs are wrong and the ai in the s section does not want to turn. I really hope you can correct all of this because it would be a superb mod.
Thank you
Thank you !
very good quality!
This track is epic to drive on! Great work! :)

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