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BPR Recreation Project

BPR 1994 Dijon 4H skin pack

The Dijon 4H 1994 was the third round of the BPR series. The fast ex F1 circuit was the place for the first ever international Venturi win. The French manufacturer took first and second spot on the podium. The very competitive Ferrari F40 did fail to score.

The BPR Recreation Project brings the Dijon race to Assetto Corsa. Jump in one of the cars and take on the Dijon challenge.

You will find all Download Links and useful advice for the installation in the readme file.

Sadly some cars are missing in the pack

Porsche 964 Carrera Cup #39 Seikel Motorsport - no photos
Porsche 964 Carrera Cup #37 Touroul Racing - no photos
Venturi 600 LM JCB Racing #55 - no quality car model
Venturi 600 LM Team Agusta #56 - no quality car model
Venturi 600 LM BBA #57 - no quality car model
Venturi 400 GTR Agusta Racing #58 - no photos, car model exists, physics for GTR variant are in the making
Venturi 600 LM Jacadi racing #71 - no quality car model
Venturi 600 LM BBA #92 - no quality car model

Work on a good venturi 500 LM and 600 LM car has started. The missing skins will be added later as soon as the car will be ready.

Latest updates

  1. Touroul #8 car - rims fixed

    The Touroul #8 car had rims flying beside the car. Sorry, i did not notice this during testing.

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