Kremer K8, Le Mans 24H 1994, Gulf Oil Racing #5

Kremer K8, Le Mans 24H 1994, Gulf Oil Racing #5 1.01

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The fist LeMans run of a Kremer K8 was in the 1994 edition of the race. The car was entered by the Gulf Oil Racing team with an impressive driver lineup.

The car itself was based on a 1990 Porsche 962 chassis, which was converted into a spyder by Kremer Racing. The idea was to use a reliable and fast car of the group C era and to make it competitive for Interserie racing and Le Mans.
The car qualified for second grid spot and finished in an impressive 6th place.

The car can be found on GTPlanet:

Credits go to all the guys who worked on the car to bring it into AC. Thank you so much!

I hope you like the skin :)

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Excellent work and brilliant result. For me it's important to get LM entries for each year, and that's a huge apport.
Thanx for the positive feedback. It takes a lot of time to do the research for cars from the 90s, but it is also part of the pleasure. For the K8 you can find very good recent shots of a perfectly restored car, but compared to the original shots stickers and positions were not identical......
It was my conversion, not NeilB's. Matter of fact I converted all the other 90s LMP cars (TWR, Courage C36, Debora LMP...)
I am sorry StoffelWaffle. I copied that information from the GTPlanet forum post.
Another fabulous skin. Thank You!
glad you like it
awesome :D

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