BPR Global GT - Paris 1000 km 1994 - race pack

BPR Global GT - Paris 1000 km 1994 - race pack 1.01

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The wait is over... long hours of work and 24 skins as well as 3 new cars are ready for you.

The 4th round of the 1994 BPR Global GT Series, the Paris 1000 km race, was held on the Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry near Paris.
This was a very special event, because the track had been used the last time for an international race more than 20 years before. It was considered being far too dangerous for modern GT cars. The Autodrome Linas-Montlhéry is based on one of Europe's eldest oval tracks. For the 1994 race parts of the oval have been used.
4 different classes GT1, GT2, GT3 and GT4 with a total of 29 entries started the race on the 3.405 m variant of the track. Pole position and race win went to the Venturi teams. Michel Ferté put his Venturi 600 LM on pole and the JCB Racing Venturi 600 LM piloted by Jean-Claude Basso and Henri Pescarolo won the race.

The BPR Recreation Project aims to bring the 1994 Paris 1000 km race race to Assetto Corsa. This time there are 3 new cars for you to drive. Zofftys great 964 Carrera 2 Cup, the Lotus Esprit Sport 300 by Wildman.fr (GTR2) & velo (AC) and the Venturi 400 GTR modified by Dan!Ger and based on Zin5ki's Venturi 400

recommend track:
Linas-Montlhery by Calimero Oeuf https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/linas-montlhery.15862/
There are newer versions of Linas, but this one is the only one with the 3.405 m BPR layout.

The cars:
Ferrari 348 GTC-LM by Claudio Cas modified for BPR Recreation Project by Paul Williams aka Velo

Ferrari F40 LM by Beto.fr modified for BPR Recreation Project by Paul Williams aka Velo

Lotus Esprit Sport 300 by wildman.fr (GTR2) conversion and optimisation by Paul Williams aka Velo

Porsche 944 Turbo Cup by Shokeus

Porsche 964 Bi-Turbo (964 RSR GT2 by Zin5ki) modified for BPR Recreation Project by Dan!Ger

Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Cup by Zoffty

Porsche 964 Carrera RSR 3.8 by Shokeus

Porsche 968 Turbo RS by Shokeus modified for BPR
Recreation Project by Paul Williams aka Velo

Venturi 400 GTR based on Venturi 400 by Zin5ki modified by Dan!Ger
This car is a work in progress and will be improved over time.

Download links can be found in video description.

I hope you enjoy the pack :) See you on track!

Latest updates

  1. Missing Venturi 400 GTR added

    I forget to add the Venturi 400 GTR to the pack. Here it is. Some skins are original skins made...

Latest reviews

this looks good but i cant find the "porsche_964_cup", could i get a link for it
Great and thanks for giving me an opportunity to rewinding my weekend sim racing to 1994 !
the grid preset does not work for me, can you please help?
Congratulations, your job on the skins is amazing.

Sadly, the F40 and the porsche_944_t_cup_variant need proper LODs (maybe you can contact Mr. Velo about this as he can only be reached via FB) and the Venturi model is far below the quality of the other models.
loving it!!!!
GReat Works mate ! Thx for these hours of pleasure
Glad you like it
Excellent again but cant find the download link for Venturi 400GTR
Hi gungadin6699, that was my fault, I forgot to put into the pack. I just posted an update which contains the car and a lot of skins for it. Sorry again. Daniel

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