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Welcome to Cerro Bravo, an 8 km public mountain pass, located in LatAm Colombia, part of the famous Alto de Letras. Cerro Bravo, starting in Delgaditas is a very technical and tricky road, which will scare the brave and punish the careless, but if you decide to learn it, it is a really fun and rewarding stretch of road, momentum and rhythm are the key, to be fast on it

I´m not a modder, so this is my first track release for AC. in fact is my first track ever, but been a 3d modeler for a long time and a SIM racer for a short time. i had to make some content for AC at some point.

TOUGE Drivers give it a try! what I drive the most in AC its Japanese Touges, all the EK and PK Touges are my favorate track, and reference for pick this particular road, so if you enjoy Tsubaki line, Sadamine or Tsuchisaka this Touge will be really fun for you.

Current specs:
-three diferent Layouts with mini map:

-IA working only in Downhill and Uphill: here are up to 20 Spots for IA race. For online race / time attack use the 26 Pits. And for online Freeroam the full 46 Pits

-Big Donut playground and car tester in the bottom of the track

-GRASS FX are just working, needs to refine.

So far most of the time working on this mod has been on the road path itself (and its been a lot), perfecting all the technical aspects like elevation changes, cambers, visibility and width changes. Also refining the feeling and the flow, since to share this first version I wanted to have a road created from scratch 100% for Assetto Corsa, that it is really fun, challenging and revealing. And this last aspect seems to me one of the most successful: it is a really revealing road, talking about the car you're driving and the driving style you have. bring a car that gives you understeer and you will end up in more than one guardrail. bring a car that gives you oversteer and it will be impossible to not to be drifting in the middle of the track. bring your favorite sports car and it will be impossible not to end up with a smile on your face.

This is a Work in Progress: there is a lot of things missing in this map, starting from the trees and vegetation in the environment, and the high frecuence detail in the road, the two most impotant for me, and probably those that will do first. but this just been made in my free time, it can take a while.


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Latest reviews

Didn't expect this quality for a first track! Even though it's still WIP, the road itself is superb and the background is a gem waiting to be finished. I can't wait for the environment to be finished to experience more immersive driving in the future.
What a road! Incredibly fun to drive, perfect for sports cars. Keep working on it, it'll be even better when it's finished!
Such a great road to drive, even as W.I.P it is incredible, the roads have an awesome flow ti them, especially with low-powered cars. Excited to see how it will turn out in the end!
Great stage so far, it is a lot of fun to drive trough the twisty roads. Keep it up, I am excited for an future update because this is very promising. Take your time and thanks a lot for this track!
Great road, great flow, twisty but not too narrow to fit an E39 M5. With some love and polish this realy can become alive.

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