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Col des Mourèzes 1.0

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Col des Mourèzes by JCRR

This part of the « Ronde Cévenole » (8 km) is just before Puech Arnal in the course of this mythical race of 42km. It alternates tight and winding passages and works several hamlets typical of this beautiful region.

We will notice the passing of a pin in Mandagout, which is also the arrival of the stage « Peyregrosse-Mandagout « which was the first track I had made in 2010 for GTL.

As with my other tracks, all the textures are pictures taken on the spot and placed exactly in the original place, avoiding any unrealistic repetition. Also the file is a bit heavy ....

At the « Col des Mourèzes « you can enjoy a jump on a bump in a very fast part.
At 17:00 the light is interesting I also like to ride at 10:30 with light fog.

The pits lane contain 20 pits and you can run against the AI.
The hotlap is also available.

I added a copilot notes file to use with the codriver application. (I'm a beginner, some will be able to create a better one ...)
Once codriver is installed, place the xml file (from my zip file) in: Documents / AssettoCorsa / plugins / Codriver / tracks

To see the actual track in google maps:!1e1!3m2!1sx640cP9gxy7AvtrG5LMsxg!2e0!4m2!3m1 ! 1s0x12b3f3243da1a469: 0x4078821166b3f30

The « Ronde Cévenole » went from 1967 to 1979. This explains the presence of old cars on the edge of the track and differences with the current views.
Three other parts of the race will soon be converted for AC.

Track created with Bob's Track Builder

Xpacks used:
Xpacks characters (textures, vegetation, decorative objects)
14000 vegetation
Great Britain
PLP signaling

Any modification or conversion of this track is prohibited.


Latest reviews

Un tracé qui sent bon l'essence et la bouse de vache. Quelle régalade !
Merci pour ce très bon travail.
Thanks, A update will be make!
thank you for your great work!
great P.S. I felt like Richard Burns was inside. Thank you for your time in the community simracing. congratulations
Bravo for your work, I love the quality of your tracks, I'm preparing a camtool for this track I hope you like I post it tomorrow morning, keep going like this it's great to have quality modders like you
This is excellent! Only one problem with the pacenotes, because it is shorter than the track itself. Not a big thing because I can make the full tracks pacenotes with codriver.
0k Thank You
Thanks for your reviews! If you like my tracks in Corsica, you can buy another one for 4,20€ here :
simply beautiful.
Excellent work as usual JCRR.
Great fun to drive
Just perfect and so fun!
Wish I had your skills my man.
just perfect!!!!!! thanks from Greece
oh my god! Peyregrosse, Sementin, Peklo ...
And now I just discovered ...

Another day I make the JCRR route!
God ... I need more time.

Great job, thanks a lot!
Haughtiness as usual with JCRR!!! My dream would be the from Cévennes round in whole on AC with old rally cars as in gtLegends.
Thank you JCRR!!!

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