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DAYTONA 2014-06-16

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Its a good start, but the turns are not accurate to real life. If you watch this YouTube video it may help you get the turns to match real life closer. The banks are not steep enough. Some turns are too easy while others too sharp. But over all you got the turn placements in the right spot. With some tweaking it could be a really good mod.
These vids are in similar perspective to cockpit.
Needs to be reworked as infield section has been updated along with some improvements on the "NASCAR" turns. iRacing has a great example of a track and would hope one day for it in AC.

The sections that needs special attention (if in game "caution") is the Pit exit feeder section that extends past turns 1,2, and 3; after the "International Horseshoe", and right before entering the Main track past the "West Horseshoe".

Also for Ai to work properly the track needs to be reworked in order to map Ai. I found in mapping Ai there's 2 sections where you have to put a "camel through a needle eye" in which if the cars are off the "fast lane" they will incur a penalty.

Dearly love this track and very much enjoyed watching the 2015 Rolex 24 this past weekend! Hope to have a new one next year so we can run some cool events with it!
Infield is too bumpy, nothing you can really do about it with an old track made for an old engine.
Really good. Needs a few bump fixes in the chicanes. Ai will also be appreciated, but not required, cameras as well. Thank you for your effort!
No cams, no ai too many bumps and good graphics.
road course is fantastic but will you put AI file aswell?
too many bumps on the road course like on the first corner a massive bump which feels like the car is grinding against the road. needs more time taken over it
Bump on Oval
Road course Fantastic
Been driving the oval and it's a hoot. Only problem is there's a huge bump on the track at the pit exit that launches all the road cars and you end up either in the wall or off the track in the midfield. Any chance you could smooth it out?

Thanks again for the track.
There is too much grip. I can maintain 340 Km/h in the turns With the Pagany Huayra.

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