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Dual Tires F1 2013 - F1 2014 Codemasters 1.1

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how to Install ( Use Ryder Mod Manager, or Simple Extract )

Tires 2013 - 14 - F1 2013 - F1 2014 Codemasters

works in F1 2013, and in the F12014

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Mod created to simulate tire wear visible during the race, has two variations (Dark and Stained)!
The mod displays worn tires and blistered, and only a variation of locked wheel in this time, wait for the classics!
(It was difficult to create different variations, after 4 consecutive years)


- new stripes with dirt and worn
- Side of the tire with HD quality
- 3 types of tires (clear, dark and Stained)
- 1 tire wear different for each tire
- Warning Light (Light Glow) improved


- New batch of tires with the upper band of the tire, different
- Fixed the seal inside the cockpit where it was marked the year 2013, now serves for two years
- Tires with new upper band contains wear with high resolution (generates a certain brightness), and different, while the others are in low resolution (more matte)
- Renamed the folders of each type for easy location, and information for each version in the RMM updated


2013 - the XML file of this mod only works with the mod Classic Tires made by Vlasovas

Mod made by Vlasovas, Kadosh54 ( La Plata )


Kadosh54 ( La Plata ), Kenken, Roberto Costa, Ryder25, ML2166, Warok, Tommi-TAG, Rini Braat, T46D, Carl Hughes, camopi, Nicolas Vial, Strahil Kotlarov, kimi81, karbinder, chargingcar, mungopark, REGiSTERED, funrace, ratedxr, vitor batista, jason1968, WarDog88, kelaroost, The entire Community!

Latest updates

  1. Dual Tires F1 2013 - F1 2014 - UPDATE 1.1

    1.1 - New batch of tires with the upper band of the tire, different - Fixed the seal inside the...

Latest reviews

good ?but can you re made a mod Where the color of tires is less important because other mod with tyre hd are deleted . Exemple :
Excelente. Axé para você
ok thank you my friend! I can not write in Portuguese here
You did it again bro!
in fact it is almost the same job the previous game, and I added new stripes in side and blur only, since the codemasters not has changed the tires file, and neither textures, just updated, and the quality of wear alternated, between high and low resolution therefore works in F1 2013 and F1 2014 I not have yet purchased this game, I did the mod of cameras in the house of a friend, I'm waiting for the 2015, but it was cool
awesome thank you
Good. Can You please do A version With No Dirt and no Horrible Worn Stripe. I Do However look forward to your mods and are able to look forward to your work. Can you do all versions starting from the First One you did? I understand this may be to much pressure but you will be making someone very happy. As allways good luck. VERY GOOD MOD WOULD RECCOMEND
You can grab the mod 2013 that works in 2014, it has clean tracks, search the section of F1 2013, but I will not change more in this mod, the stripes in my opinion was the best I've done, everyone has an opinion, I respect that
yes man!!!!
Sublime !!!
Great mod, I love your mods:) I have a simple question the best tire mod for me in the wrorld (of course made by You) Pirelli Tires 2013 Happy New Year 1.0 will work corectly in F 2014? Best Regards
hi friend, yes it will work, but I will soon make update and add some properties that mod, on this one, also like the band of the tire that touches the ground with that division, but also the best side tire I've ever done was that the mod here, it has most realistic dirt and marks, I intend to make my standard for 2015
Some beautiful tires to make things more real. You modders really need to go storm cm hq and do f1 2015 the justice it deserves on launch! Great work from everyone on here. You guys and girls make f1 games worth buying!
Really great job!! Thanks!

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