Eletric blue redbull helmet

Eletric blue redbull helmet 1.0

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Fantastic work mate, it's the best Red Bull helmet out there, really looks unique. If you accept requests, could you design a Mercedes-AMG helmet by any chance?
can you make it copy paste??????????
awesome dude
bátya ez oda baszós :D
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Köszi én meg nem próbáltam a játékban :D
nice helmet can you make him white insteat of blue thanks
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Thank you first, second no sorry
Nice Work ... again !!! But still have one question.....how do i do to change the helmet of other Drivers when the change teams ??? I find nothing in google how to do it. Thx keep it well ^^
What an absolute piece of art, it's beautiful, I don't care the team I use, this will be my default helmet :)
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Thank you :)
nice helmet
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Thank you :)
Could you make the helmets like this for copy and paste
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Yes later if i have time

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