Renault splash art helmet

Renault splash art helmet 2.0

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I hope you will like it.

Don't forget make backup!

-How you must install:
-Use any Gen_xx helmet
-Replace in all 3 incardrive map (1980,2018,2019)


4_sisak_egyben (2).59.jpg

4_sisak_egyben (2).60.jpg


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  1. Yellow to Red

    Added red color instead of yellow and added some logo + 14 number This is my own new version i...

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Great job Dani. I was using it on F1 2019 and now I moved to F1 2020.

It's working fine so far. I have just one question: on F1 2020, it looks like there is a kind of a shadow over it. Do you have any idea what it could be?

Thanks again.
First Class!! Love this so much might do a Renault Career now! The Red and Black would look bad ass for a Ferrari Helmet! Keep these coming!
Amazing, pls make a Verstappen mercedes helmet
nice work, could you maybe do a Ricciardo-like Mercedes helmet?
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Thank you :)

I think yes 2020 helmet should i base or 2019?

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Töttös Dani
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