Fantasy Ferrari helmet

Fantasy Ferrari helmet 2.0

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed every problem

    I made a drag&drop version just extract the rar in the: STEAM\steamapps\common\ Added the 2...
  2. Added missing files

    Hello i think the loading error solution is if you do this: (I did it and for me worked) I...
  3. Fix the problem and add 90yrs version

    Added the 90yrs version: The problem solved:

Latest reviews

That's a great work.

I have one question though. Is it possible to add it if I already have some helments from gen_10 to gen_15?

What would be the best way to do it?

Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Hello yes you should go in the ERP editor and install which helmet you add gen 10 for gen 15
Looks great but it isn't showing up in the helmet customization menu.
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Thanks, first you should change the colors (red,green,blue) after you should go e.g. Time Trial and after quit this mod and you will see in helmet coustomization menu
Looks very cool but it doesnt load completly
could you do the sky vr46 helmet design?
it's a really beautiful helmet, but idk why mine's not working, pls help thank you
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Did you download the latest version?
Very good helmet, but every time I start the game it doesn't load
Just fantastic :) thx
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Thank you :)
I have some questions to you. Do I need to backup files? Is it working on PC and how to find this helmet?
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Yes always create backup file; yes its working on pc and if you do right the steps you will find the helmet in the game instead of gen 17&18 helmet
Is it copy+paste? and if its not can you tell me how to do it
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
It’s just copy paste in Your Steam->steamapps->common map
Amazing, best Ferrari helmet! Can you make one for Red Bull too?
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Thank you :)
Check my page i did redbull helmet too :)
Stunning! Hopefully we will see many more helmets. :)
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Thank you :) I plan to do but i cant give date when i will do my next
Fantastic helmet. Best Ferrari one out there, I think :)
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Thank you :)
The best design I've seen so far, this is stunning!
Could you possibly make something similar, changing logos and colors, for Mercedes and/or Renault please? :)
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Thank you :)
No because its just a Ferrari helmet.
It's so Cool, Thank you really much for this
What a wonderful Helmet!
Such a shame that i can't make it work properly as everytime i install it it works well but when i restart my game it goes in infinite loading and i have to go to vanilla game everytime...
Why does it look clearer in the game?
PLEASE, make this a drag & drop </3
Look stunning. Just can't make it work. Any way to get a files to drag & drop please ?
For people having problem with helmet colors/brightness, change helmet to the 90 years version instead, this shows the correct colors

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