Endurance Brasil - MR18 and MCR 2000

Endurance Brasil - MR18 and MCR 2000 1.2

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{descrição em Português do Brasil ao final do texto}

Endurance Brasil is a brazilian championship based on Prototypes (GP1, P2, P3), GT’s (GT1, GT2) and Touring (T1, T2).

This skinpack recreates the Prototype classes. It containts real-life based liveries, team and drivers. There are 32 cars splitted in 2 categories, using two available vehicles in Automobilista:

GP1 - Metalmoro MR18 (10 cars) - represents the closed-cockpit prototypes (Metalmoro MR18 and MCR Grand-AM) from Endurance Brasil's real-life GP1 category.

GP2 - MCR 2000 (22 cars) - represents the open-cockpit prototypes (Metalmoro MRX and Tubarão) from Endurance Brasil's real-file categories GP1, P2 and P3. {requires Brit Pack DLC}

Thanks to @MManarim for helping with some liveries.




Standart Pit Art also included:

Cars in action:

(MR18 - audio in Brazilian Portuguese):

(MCR2000 - audio in English):

(MCR2000 - audio in Brazilian Portuguese):

Don't forget to read my Tips for Racing Against the AI post for enjoy the best offline experience AMS can provide :)


Just unzip the package into Automobilista root folder.

Series Calendar

*all tracks are in Brazil, and are available in AMS

2016 Important Events:

Feb 21st – 3 Hours of Goiânia
Jun 19th – 500 Km of Santa Cruz do Sul
Set 10th – 6 Hours of Guaporé
Set 18th – 500 Km of São Paulo (@ Vello Cittá)
Out 23th – 30th Golden Cascavel (4 hours race)
Nov 26th – 25th 500 Miles of Londrina (@Londrina)
Dez 17th – 36th 12 Hours of Tarumã (@Taruma, no chicane)

Past Relevant Events:

2015 – 800 Km of Pinhais (@Curitiba)
2013 – 29th 500 Km of Interlagos (@interlagos - no chinane)
2010 – 3 Hours of Velopark
2010 – 200 Miles of Caruaru
2005 – 1000 Km of Brasília (@Brasilia Full Circuit)

Teams and Drivers

GP1 - Metalmoro MR18

Mottin Racing Dopamina
#18 - Fernando Poeta / #19 - Anderson Toso

Mottin Racing Ducati
#20 - Pedro Queirolo / #21 - Marcelo Santanna

DTR Motorsport
#110 - Eduardo Dieter / #111 - Francesco Ventre

CRT Racing Team
#4 - Claudio Ricci / #44 - Felipe Roso

Motorcar Macjor Racing
#91 - Maninho Cardoso / #92 - Jorge Machado

GP2 - MCR 2000

MC Tubarao
#69 - Marcelo Vianna / #55 - Julio Martini

MC Tubarao IX
#78 - Franco Pasquale / #5 - Tiel Andrade

NC Racing
#65 - Nilson Ribeiro / #66 - Jose Ribeiro

Mottin Racing
#46 - Carlos Kray / #47 - Joao Santana

SATTI Racing
#71 - Ian Ely / #96 - Hardy Kohl

Sette Car
#7 - Aldoir Sette / #77 - Carlos Brockveld

Power Imports
#80 - Alexandre Finardi / #81 - Gastao Weigert

#26 - Oswaldo Scheer / #41 - Fabio Escorpioni

JLM Racing
#28 - Juliano Moro / #29 - Christian Castro

Motorcar Racing
#10 - Sergio Pistili / #11 - Hypollito Martinez

Scuderia Macchina
#8 - Marcelo Giacomello / #9 - Matheus Stumpf

General Tips: (updated tips here: Tips for Racing Against the AI )
  1. AI Behavior
AI-controlled cars have a simplified physics, and behave differently comparing to real humans. I summarize some behaviors based on my experience racing against them. You should consider the tips below when racing single-player against the AI on your own:

  • In Practice, the AI always run with full tank. In qualifying, prior to version v1.20, they always run with enough fuel to run 3 laps (pit exit lap, flying lap, pit return lap) That explains why qualy times drop up to a second in qualy comparing to practice.
  • In Race, prior to version v1.20, the AI will use enough fuel to complete the race. However, if a full tank is not enough to to complete the race (resulting in at least 1 pit stop), they ALWAYS will start the race with full tank.
  • The AI will only make a pit stop if they run out of gas. By the time the AI run with low fuel, the simulator distributes the AI pit entering in 3 laps, in order to avoid all AI cars pit at the same lap, which would result in several cars have to wait their teammate finish his pitstop.
  • When in pit stall, AI will ALWAYS change its four tyres, no matter how much they wear it; and will ALWAYS fill up the tank, no matter how much time is left for the race to end. Pit stop times can be 32 to 38 seconds, depending of the vehicle.

  • The AI feels like it doesn't wear its tyres. As the race goes by, AI time laps will decrease each lap, according to fuel usage (each lap the amount of fuel decreases, the car gets lighter and the AI run faster. By the time AI cars are almost out of gas (hance, close to their pit stop), lap times will be very close to their qualifying times.

  • Tip for multi-class racing: ALWAYS do a qualifying. This way, you will split the different class in the grid, assuring that all the faster cars will be in front of the slower ones at race start. If you skip qualifying, simulator will scramble all cars, putting faster cars mixed with slower ones all over the grid. A 30 minute qualifying is recommended to assure all AI cars will do a flying lap according to its class and won't be cought in traffic. When you finish your qualifying, press Control + T to fast foward qualifying time, so you won't need to wait halp na hour to race.

Track: Tarumã
Qualifying lenght: 30 minutes
Race length: 30 minutes
Fuel Usage - 2x (with 2x fuel , MCR will race for 25 minutes before run out of gas, so a pit stop will be surely necessary) (MR18 cars can race up to 35 minutes with 2x, so they won't pit in this scenario)
Tyre Wear - OFF (otherwise, bots will get faster each lap while you get slower each lap due to your wear tyres)

In qualifying, put enough gas in your tank to run 3 laps and to go track. When you complete your 3 laps, get back to the garage (hit ESC) and repeat the process until you feel ok with your times. Then, presse Control + T to quickly finish the session.

In race, start with full tank. When you're gonna make a pitstop, fill up your tank and change all 4 tyres.

By doing this, I can guarantee you will have a close race throughout the race lenght (30 minutes), with a mandatory pit stop, in a standart pit-window of three laps.

In 15 minutes of race, GP1 cars (Metalmoro) will reach the GP2 pack (MCR), which will provide you lots of overtaking action, requiring you to deal with blue flags and open space to the faster cars, while racing against yout own class

2) Blue Flag Issue

AMS has the so-called 'Blue Flag Issue', where faster cars can't overtake slower cars in straights; they stick in the line, hitting the brakes, until they reach the braking zone in the following curve, where they finally make the overtake move.

Due to this, race in GP1 category (Metalmoro) against AI can be very frustrating if race conditions allow the GP1 cars reach and lap down the slower ones. You will be racing hard against the AI and, by the time you guys reach the MCR pack, your opponents will be stuck behind them and you will easily overtake them all, whick completely spoils the fun.

If your race is up to 15 minutes, then no problem at all. The faster pack will hardly reach the slower cars.

For tracks with a lenght from 3km to 4km (like all tracks listed in this post, and virtually all brazilian tracks), MR18 cars will reach MCRs between 15 and 20 minutes. So, if you plan to race a longer multi-class race with the Endurance Brasil skinpack, a recommend you to use the MCR cars. They will not lose time (they will be the slower cars), and its a really nice experience to be reached by the Metalmoros mid-race and have to deal with them, receiving blue flags and getting yourself out of their way, while managing your own race against your class.


O Endurance Brasil é um campeonato brasileiro de protótipos, GT’s e carros preparados, que disputam provas de longa duração. Os veículos são divididos em classes: protótipos (GP1, P2, P3), GT’s (GT1, GT2) e Turismo (T1, T2).

Este skinpack recria as classes de protótipos. Contém pinturas, equipes e pilotos reais. Ao todo, são 32 carros divididos em 2 categorias, agrupados de acordo com os carros disponíveis no Automobilista:

GP1 - Metalmoro MR18 (10 carros) - representa os protótipos fechados (Metalmoro MR18 e MCR Grand-AM) da categoria GP1 do Endurance Brasil

GP2 - MCR 2000 (22 carros) - representa os protótipos abertos (Metalmoro MRX e Tubarão) das categorias GP1, P2 e P3 do Endurance Brasil.

Eventos Importantes 2016:

[CopaBR] - válido pela Copa Brasil de Endurance 2016
[CopaRS] - válido pelo Gaúcho de Endurance 2016
[RegMarcas] - apenas estaduais/regionais de Marcas e Pilotos

21 de fevereiro – 3 horas de Goiânia (@Goiania) [RegMarcas]
19 de junho – 500 Km de Santa Cruz do Sul [CopaBR] [CopaRS]
10 de setembro – 6 horas de Guaporé (@Guapore) [RegMarcas]
18 de setembro – 500 Km de São Paulo (@ Vello Cittá - layout padrão) [CopaBR]
23 de outubro – 30ª Cascavel de Ouro (4 horas) (@Cascavel) [RegMarcas]
26 de novembro – 25ª 500 Milhas de Londrina (@Londrina, layout padrão) [CopaBR]
17 de dezembro – 36ª 12 horas de Tarumã (@Taruma, no chicane)

Eventos Passados

2015 – 800 Km de Pinhais (@Curitiba)
2013 – 29ª 500 Km de Interlagos (@interlagos - no chinane)
2010 – 3 horas de Velopark (@Velopark) [RegMarcas]
2010 – 200 milhas de Caruaru (@Caruaru) [RegMarcas]
2005 – 1000 Km de Brasília (@Brasilia)

Dicas Gerais:
  1. Comportamento da Inteligência Artificial
Os carros controlados pelo simulador (Bots) possuem uma física simplificada, e se comportam de maneira diferente de um piloto real:
  • Na sessão de treinos livres (Practice), os Bots sempre andam com o tanque cheio. No qualifying, eles sempre andam com combustível suficiente para dar 3 voltas (volta de saída do box, volta rápida, volta de retorno). Isso é suficiente para dar uma diferença de tempo entre qualy e corrida.
  • Na corrida, os bots usarão a quantidade de combustível suficiente para completar a corrida. Contudo, se houver a necessidade de pit stop (se o tanque cheio não for suficiente para completar a corrida), os bots sempre largarão com tanque cheio.
  • Bots só param nos boxes se ficarem sem gasolina. Quando chega a hora de fazer o pit stop, o simulador distribui a entrada nos boxes dos Bots em 3 voltas, de forma a evitar que todos façam o pit ao mesmo tempo e fiquem esperando seu companheiro de equipe terminar a sua parada.
  • No pitstop, os Bots SEMPRE irão trocar os 4 pneus (independente de estarem muito gastos ou não), e SEMPRE irão reabastecer o tanque até encher, independente do tempo restante de corrida. O tempo total de parada gira em torno dos 32 a 34 segundos.

  • Os Bots praticamente não sofrem de desgaste de pneu. Durante a corrida, o tempo de volta dos Bots vai diminuindo a cada volta, à medida que o combustível vai sendo gasto e o carro vai ficando mais leve. Quando os Bots estão quase sem gasolina, o tempo de volta fica muito próximo do obtido no qualy.

  • SEMPRE faça qualifying quando correr com mais de uma categoria. Assim, os 10 Metalmoro da classe GP1 irão largar à frente dos 22 carros da GP2 sem problemas. Quando você terminar suas voltas rápidas, aperte Control + T para que o tempo restante avançe rápido (assim você não espera muito pra correr). Um qualifying de 30 minutos é mais que suficiente para que todos os carros da GP1 marquem tempos sem serem atrapalhados pelo tráfego dos GP2.

Pista: Tarumã
Tempo de qualy: 30 minutos
Tempo de corrida: 30 minutos
Fuel - 2x (com 2x, os MCR aguentam 25 minutos de corrida, então é certo que haverá parada de box dos bots) (os Metalmoro não param com 2x em meia hora de corrida, apenas com 3x)
Pneus - sem desgaste (senão os bots irão ficar rápidos perto da parada, enquanto você se arrasta com pneus gastos)

No qualy, coloque gasolina para 3 voltas e marque seu tempo. Volte para o box (aperte ESC) e tente novamente.

Na corrida, largue de tanque cheio. Na hora do seu pit, troque os 4 pneus e encha o tanque novamente.

Em 15 minutos, os Metalmoro alcançarão os MCR. No fim da prova, após o pit dos MCR, alguns Metalmoro podem dar mais uma volta).

2) Bug da Bandeira Azul

O AMS tem um problema, o “bug da bandeira azul”, onde carros muito rápidos simplesmente não abrem na reta para passar os mais lentos; eles ficam atrás, comboiando e freiando, até chegar no ponto de freada no final da reta, onde aí sim eles realizam o movimento.

Por conta disso, correr na categoria GP1 (MR18) contra o computador pode ser frustrante se as condições da corrida pertimirem que os carros rápidos se aproximem dos lentos para dar volta neles.

Em corridas rápidas de até 15 minutos, você não irá enfrentar esse tipo de problema (dificilmente um MR18 irá dar volta nos MCR).

Para pistas entre 3 e 4 km (incluindo as descritas acima), os MR18 alcançam os MCR entre 15 e 20 minutos. Assim, se for fazer uma corrida mais longa que isso, considere usar os MCR. É uma experiência muito boa você correr na categoria GP2 e, em determinado ponto da corrida, começar a receber bandeiras azuis e ter que ceder passagem para os carros da GP1, enquanto disputa na sua própria categoria.

Latest updates

  1. Conforms to AMS release v1.4.3 onwards

    Update to conform to AMS release v1.4.3 onwards - New smaller and prettier logo (thanks to...
  2. Adjustments for RealFeelPlugin.ini

    Adjusted all 32 VEH files, in order to fix some issues regarding RealFeelPlugin.ini Now the...

Latest reviews

Thank You. Nice series. Good car match. 25 minute race with mr18 I'm catching mcr cars once before finish.
Great work ! Absolutly love the skin pack and thank for the AI tips !
Let me add another five stars to the collection, this pack deserves it and thank you for the effort, really appreciate the upload, thank you!
I try to keep my AMS as clean as possible, but this pack is a must. Great looking skins. Thanks for making and sharing.
thks !
Great work! Also fantastic information to add to the skin pack.
Ill be running this combo on www.tinshedracing.com server for the next week.
Thanks for your dedication!
Patrick with the great Algarve track and u with this amazing skins mod for my very beloved MR18. Cheers
Indeed exceptional work..many thanks
Excelente trabalho Lorencine . Muito obrigado!
Nothing more to add to Mr. Claudino's laudatory comment, except thanks for the latest update!
Dear Lorencini, my name is Daniel Claudino and I'm currently racing for Satti Racing's MCR #71 along with my fellow driver Ian Ely. Congratulations on your work, it's amazing how you managed to bring the Endurance Series in such great detail to Automobilista! I really appreciate your genuine passion about our racing series!

I believe that 2017 will be a key year for our championship mainly because it will be broadcasted on a major TV station in Brazil!

There's also a load of new comers arriving and the traditional racing teams (ourselves included) are heavily investing in new improvements.

Another improvement for the public this year will be the team liveries (including our selves), hopefully more colorful and aggressive than last year's "dull" designs.

Please let me know whenever you need help developing the cars, I'll be more than glad to help!

Keep up with the good work!

Kind regards,
Daniel Claudino
Satti Racing
I'm thrilled to see Endurance Brasil real drivers actually using my skinpack and approving it. There's no greater reward! Thanks for your kind words!
Amazing Work.. Thanks so much for letting us use these.. I know how much time goes into this kind of thing and this mod is just what AMS needed.. Cheers!
Thanks!I hope you enjoy!
Really really enjoying this series, thanks again!
Thank you for helping test the pack :-)
one of the best skin pack ever made for Automobilista, period.
Thanks for your kind words! Cheers
thanks alot this is incredible
You're welcome. Enjoy!
Thank you very much. Having a series where some of the tracks and both prototypes are used is really great. Skins look really good!
Race a series which has a real-life counterpart is much more fun, isn't it? That's the main reason I started this project. Glad all the community can now enjoy it.
Incredible quality content!
Thanks! It took me more than 100 hours work, but I think it worth the trouble.
Great skins, love the combination of classes too!
Thanks, glad you like it!
Excellent idea combining the two and its great fun. Only thing I would say is that I changed all the .veh files to have the MCR20 and MR18: prefixes in the description line so they use the default RealFeelPlugin settings for the vehicles. But other than that, really a fun combo to race together! Thanks! Great work.
Could you please detail that issue in a conversation with me? If this is somehow fixable, I'm surely want to fix it. ;-)
ty for sharing.
I really like the idea of putting together these two superb ams mods in 1 championship.

Only thing i don't like is that my favorite livery colour is GREEN. And i see like 6 full red cars. So that's only thing i would change. max 3 of any colour.
(i can swap for the default reiza liveries right?) :P
I've notice that too. The real-life teams are quite conservative about colors :-) I miss an all yellow car as well.

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