F1 2015 Ferrari

F1 2015 Ferrari 1.3

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Latest updates

  1. update some mistake+DHD

    I hope they like it
  2. this file have got 2 files

    this file have got 2 version

Latest reviews

It's very good mod I LOVE FERRARI and with this 5 is beautyful (sorry for bad English i'm from Poland :D )
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
thanks :)
Not bad, but you should put the real sponsors in the correct place.
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
thanks but i havent got 3D model :// and i cant make perfect couse i cant see
I don't know what's the problem guys this livery is very good!
not at the near of the real one
it´s not the f1 livery... u only put "claro" and that its
Claro... Claro everywhere.
It needs more work on it....the black lines are not the same as in the sf15-t, and some logos missinf for example: ups logo, alfa romeo logo...if you have time please work more on it, because it will be a good skin. (szóval a logókon dolgozz, és a fekete vonalakon)
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
the textura has got white line

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Töttös Dani
File size
15.3 MB
First release
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2.89 star(s) 9 ratings

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