F1-75 Inspired dashboard

F1-75 Inspired dashboard 0.3

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Just a "simple" simhub dashboard for F122 inspired to the F1-75 dashboard with some additional information.

I made it to have useful info with the purpose to reduce info/popus on the game screen.

Certainly wrong or missing information/features if compared to the real one. I'm only a simracing enthusiast, not an expert.

Be kind, It's my first dashboard. Suggestions and constructive criticism are well accepted.

Many thanks to @GarySwallow for his plugin.
Down below some info about the dashboard data/features:
  • Tyre temperature values display the gap from the reference core temperature (90°C for DRY tyres, 70°C for both WET and INTER tyres)
  • Tyre temperature values text color change from white to red if tyre surface temperature is 10°C higher than the reference value (90°C for DRY tyres, 70°C for both WET and INTER tyres). This is something that aim to warns the driver that a loss of grip is predictable.
  • BBAL indicates the gap (always positive) from the lower value in the game (50.0)
  • SOC CL means "State of charge current lap"
  • DRS lights are ON when DRS is available and OFF when DRS is enabled.
  • PIT limiter screen is a standalone screen. It has to be manually activated (setting up wheel button through simhub settings)
  • PIT limiter screen reports very basic information: realtime speed and enabled/disabled pit limiter.
  • PUSH MODE screen activates when push-mode/overtake is active
  • DIFF/BS are popups screens displayed for a while when settings change
  • RPM and DRS LED bar in the top
  • Safety car & Virtual SC with delta time, Yellow/Blue flags and PitLane notification on the main screen and overtake screen
Please report in the comments if something has to be fixed or if wrong, thanks.
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