F1 Team Rename Mods

F1 Team Rename Mods 1.4

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Because of how F1 Manager handles changing the names of teams there can only be one file at a time making the changes. This means that there is an file for every possible combination. YOU MUST ONLY USE ONE AT A TIME!

Includes renames to allow for every possible combination of the following team names

Alfa Romeo to Audi
Alfa Romeo to Sauber
AlphaTauri to Hugo Boss
AlphaTauri to Toyota
AlphaTauri to Brawn
AlphaTauri to Porsche
Alpine to Andretti Cadillac
Alpine to Renault
Alpine to Lotus
Williams to BMW

Will not work with the W Talents Mod


Move one .pak file into
F1 Manager 2023\F1Manager23\Content\Paks

Audi Mod by GLXFX
Sauber Mod by GLXFX
Hugo Boss Mod by GLXFX
Toyota Mod by GLXFX
Brawn Mod by Lurcesaptor
Porsche Mod by LittleOnion
Andretti Cadillac by GLXFX
Renault Mod by sputterfish
Lotus Mod by Lurcesaptor
BMW Mod by LittleOnion

Latest updates

  1. Porsche + BMW Update

    This update includes the renames for the Porsche and BMW team mods by LittleOnion Heres the...
  2. BrawnGP + Lotus Update

    Finally updated to include Brawn and Lotus as options for renaming.
  3. Fixed Missing Text

    Fixed the missing text is various parts of the game, due to these mods being made on old...

Latest reviews

thank you thank you - stake/visa cashapp incoming?
Perfect Mod for immersion. Thank you so much!

But have you noticed that Calan Williams name gets changed to Calan BMW if applied? :D
very nice man it works 100%
Thank you for your hard work!
doesn`t work with 1.9 + can you add brawngp rename?
Hey it definitely works for Version 1.9. You must have installed something wrong or have another mod that this doesn't work with this. Any mod like the W Talents mod will not work with these files.
Thank you. Quality work.
what does it mean by only use one pak file. does it mean per season, or in your entire save game?
It means that at any one time only use one. So if you want Sauber and Hugo don't use the two individual files, just use the one combo file. The files can be changed out at any time aslong as the game is closed.
It doesn't work, I enter "SauberRename" and "RenaultRename" but it remains "Alfa Romeo" and "Alpine"
Italian game
First off, you're only supposed to use one file at a time. I've tested the files again and they definitely work so it is possible that you may have another mod that is conflicting. Either that or it doesn't work with the italian localisation
Amazing mate! quick work
The Audi only doesnt seem to work somehow (at least in german/english). It still shows Alfa Romeo.
What mods are you using as I just tested this with the English version of the game and it works. Perhaps you have another mod that is conflicting such as the W Talents Mod.
Good Thanks
Quality stuff
Thanks! Good Work!

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