Ferrari 250 LM Le Mans 1965 SKINPACK

Ferrari 250 LM Le Mans 1965 SKINPACK 1.0

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Skins for ferrari_250_lm (great mod, could be easily found via google/youtube)
Well, I'm totally not sure if It was necessary (some simplified versions of this skins already comes with this mod), but here they are – my scratch-made versions with all these assymmetric lettering and other details.
Numbers at the rear cawl are a bit misplaced just to match the lights.
There are some great '65 Le Mans skins here at RD (Bizzarrini, Shelbys...) so I hope it'll be a useful addition.




Latest reviews

Deserves more than 5 stars! Top quality!
Absolutly amazing skins. I loved the level of detail but also that they are weathered. More of these please... :)
loving it!!!!!
I´ve already gave 5 stars for your first skin for this beautiful car. So, if possible, I would give 10 for a whole skinpack kkkkk

Wonderful job my friend , once again!
My compliments! You have done a truly great job making this liveries! Hats off!

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