Ferrari 75th Anniversary Yellow Concept Livery

Ferrari 75th Anniversary Yellow Concept Livery 1.02

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Ferrari 75th Anniversary Yellow Concept Livery
by Giskard Design

F1000 Livery01.JPG

This mod changes the Ferrari livery to an all yellow concept to commemorate their 75th anniversary.

Version 1.01 - Compatible with the recent F1 Manager 2022 patch version 1.10.

How to install?
  • Extract the file, Copy&Paste the .pak file to paks folder in your F1 Manager 22 game folder (F1Manager2022\F1Manager22\Content\Paks)
Note: This mod is NOT compatible with AGDesign's Base Mod as that mod makes changes to all teams on the grid.

F1000 Livery02b.JPG

F1000 Livery03.jpg

F1000 Livery07.jpg

F1000 Livery05.jpg

Please don't copy, modify, reproduce or reupload my mods or any of my content without my permission. You can use them for your entertainment and if you show them in any videos, please add links to this mod so more people can use them.

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Latest updates

  1. Livery Update version 1.02

    Minor livery updates and file name tweaks.

Latest reviews

Stunning. Will be using in season 4.

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