Ford GT40 Historical Skinpack

Ford GT40 Historical Skinpack 2023-4

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One of the most iconic cars of the 60s, the Ford GT40, raced all around the globe for the better part of half a decade. In this pack are 45 such examples.

I've chosen to do only entrants from 1968 up to 1970, to match the model MkI ingame.

All skins have been converted to BC1 4K, for better performance. New mapping also fixes potential shader issues. Special thanks to Sean Leweezy & Rodger Davies for those. Extra special thanks to Mrs Pasta for the various numbers drawn!!





The pack will receive an update when enough new standalone skins are made, specifically when I finish the 1969 WSC season GT40 liveries.

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Latest updates

  1. Major Update 1

    5 new skins added: 2 - 6 Horas de Nova Lisboa 1970 49 - Monza 1000km 1968 56 - Nürburgring...
  2. Additional skins I

    Added 12 new skins (half unreleased as standalones):

Latest reviews

Glad that model variations are now a thing in AC! Maybe someday Escort can be available without that least exciting looking splitter :)
The attention to detail is stunning! The sometimes odd fonts, estethical 'misaligned placement' just as it was in real life. This is true dedication and passion! Love your work, you're creating a virtual museum here!
Got to love it when something great becomes even better. No more superlative, a more defining pack for the era couldn't exist (until you inevitably post another update!). Thanks
Just a fantastic pack with lots of goodies, Very much a thank you for doing these liveries.
As usual, very high quality work with this huge skinpack.
Thank you for sharing and the time you spent on it.
You are, in my humble opinion, one of the most prolific and talented on RD.
This is excellent, thank you.
So good I apparently forgot to review it the first time, so in awe was I. Consider this correcting that wrong.
Absolutely ebic
Wow what an incredible body of work! Thanks so much for sharing!
Huge pack obviously made with a lot of passion and attention to detail. Thank you very much for sharing. Though, I have to admit I was close to give you 4 stars because it's borderline insane to just put this pack here for everyone to download, not smart at all. If you want to reach the "chad" level of livery makers, then you should create a patreon and put this pack there, where it deservingly belongs, with only a couple skins from it here on RD as a promotion. That's just my advice, it's the future. And you know the saying: Even if the liveries are classic, it doesn't mean you can't move with the times ;)
Your comment has inspired me to do this:
Thanks for the motivation ;)
Great work Pasta. That's a lot of work and a lovely pack.

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