GOLD3N's 1997 FIA GT Skin Pack

GOLD3N's 1997 FIA GT Skin Pack 1.4

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I put about a week into this pack, this is my first time making assetto skins, some of these are not accurate but their close enough, im not a professional at all. I would like to do more in the future too, im a big FIA GT and BPR GT fan, so i decided to give this try and it came out better then i expected.

Also would love to see some screenshots of these from you guys!

RMi_wood for the GTR2 Files
ParanoidDoge for Taking screenshots of the #21 Kremer racing porsche
norms for helping me improve the skins
MRM1GAMING and Bjorn_G: solving the dodge viper issue
Mr.Boo and cswanson1998: Del Mont Logo for the Marcos

Thank you guys for all your help;)

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Latest updates

  1. Minor Update

    -Updated C4 Corvette skin -Updated McLaren F1 skin -Updated Link to the C4 Corvette
  2. GOLD3N's 1997 FIA GT Skin Pack

    I put about a week into this pack, this is my first time making assetto skins, some of these are...

Latest reviews

The pack is great! And thank you greatly for the Marcos.
Good day thanks for the skins pack, but a question arises, where to find all the cars, and also for a proper use of the cars should not you do a balance of performance to ensure that there are no performance differences such as lap times?
Thanx for your work...
A kind lad over at GTP helped me with the Callaway/West C4 and supplied me with a bit of code in order to "revert" the driver's skin to the default Kunos one. Just paste this at the end of the ext_config.ini.

POSITION=0, 0, 0



The car obviously has no racing setup so it's a nightmare to stay behind the other ones, the creator of this resource has no fault in this and he made a good job in spotting the car, dressing it for the job with great care.
It should be used as an AI-controlled car and get jiggy with it.
I love this time, thank you for your work!
skins are nice, but the cars are really bad..the callaway must be the absolute worse car mod for ac mate
I don't make the cars, i just make the skins
thank you!
Thanks very much. Excellent!
this is some seriously nice stuff! thumbs up
Amazing work. Just brilliant.
https: // ************************* / search / label / GT 1
Link dead
How about now?

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