GP2 Blue Space Pirelli skin

GP2 Blue Space Pirelli skin 1.3

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Latest updates

  1. The Blue Space Pirelli for latest FC2 mod update.

    For now, I'm just re-uploading this skin as the FC2 mod had been recently updated. I will...
  2. fixed the preview screen with ui info.

    Preview screen now works fine :-)
  3. Brighter colouring, new glove and suit files, same helmet..

    Little bit tweaked colouring and shine.

Latest reviews

I love your skins it is absolutely a wonderful work i don't have the GP2 mod but i hope in some weeks you flashed my eyes with a very special skin you know what i mean :-D !!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
No worries, November still isn't finished :-)
Thanks a lot for your kind review:-)
This skin is simply Awesome I must say! I don't drive these car's and I didn't download it. I just had to comment on how NICE IT IS.................=)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Wow that's really nice of you. Thanks man!!
I see it's for the GP2 2014, so where do I get that from?
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Look for the GP2 MOD download (via google, RD or AC), then download the template and skin resource on this site by FCM. Then download my skin into the GP2 skin file.
Amazing work :)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Yeah it was a handful, but very pleasing result :-)
Incredible skin!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
That makes me happy :-) Really need to go to sleep now :-/ past 3 AM in the morning here.

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Grand Tourist
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