Hiace GR (unofficial)

Hiace GR (unofficial) v1.0

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The Hiace GR (unofficial) is our vision of a street/drift Hybrid van, taking advantage of a wider footprint while retaining the stock live real axle setup, the result is a fun and darty machine that still retains OEM level road manners.

Drift Academy from Hong Kong contributed to setup of the van, especially its drift characteristics, hit that download button, the street awaits.





Latest updates

  1. Hiace GR Unofficial v1.0 update

    " Finally we reaches 1.0, and thus concluding the physics changes of the mod, our final touch...
  2. Hiace GR (unofficial v0.992)

    After some more extensive testing, I have decided to stiffen the car overall a bit so give it...

Latest reviews

I liked it
It would be cool if you could make a stock version.
The car is pretty cool, but loses a star for locking content (which will soon be required to keep it relevant in modern AC) behind a paywall.
I looove it! A bit tricky to get the slides right tho but very fun. Also, the power is immense, so fun. I've recorded some slides with it: https://youtu.be/piujagB_MUQ
Thx for your contribution

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