Honda Acty Fujiwara Special

Honda Acty Fujiwara Special 1.0

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Base on the amazing Honda Acty mod from DTM1120, modded and released with his permission, here comes a Tofu delivery vehicle that can carry twice as much as the 86.

List of Modifications:
-185ps inline 4 engine
- Close mission 6 speed gearbox
- Some Torsen diff found in a junkyard
- "As best as we could" handling upgrade base on original suspension geometries
- Bespoke "lived in" interior textures
- the essential cup of water in cabin
- Custom made Momo Heritage Super Grand Prix wooden steering wheel
- last and not least, TOFU

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Latest reviews

I know that this is pretty much just a joke car, but wow. This is easily my favorite car to do togue in. A top speed of 100mph is just right, plus it accelerates faster than my ex accelerated with the kids. It can even ****in slide, which is marvelous. Launching while doing a burnout in 4th gear is amazing, and you can chuck this thing around corners effortlessly. I haven't have any of the crashing issues that other reviews have mentioned. 11/10, easily my favorite AC mod I've seen so far.
Every time I try to drive it crashes back to the main menu.
Nice Idea but the car drives really bad ngl
While the wheels don't load properly in the showroom, they work perfectly in game so I can't complain. This is simply the most fun silly car in Assetto Corsa at the moment, in my humble opinion. It is insanely fun to throw it at Japanese mountain roads with reckless abandon
Game instantly crashes, saying the driver model is probably missing.

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