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There are many things you can claim about a racing rig, but this is no doubt the fastest one - Introducing the Mojito Racing MR-1 hybrid profile rig from Hong Kong.

Combining the strength of profile rigs and convenience of prefabs, the MR-1 is our entry level rig with loads going for it:

Stiff - Aluminium profile! What more do you need? Tested to be more than enough for your crazy 25nm direct drive systems and 90kg load cell pedals.

Light - using 3060 profile and an economy of parts, the rig won't break your back if you try to move it.

Adaptable - Our custom designed base plates supports both mainstream Logitech / Thrustmaster products and custom Direct drive / hydraulic setups, with mouse and keyboard tray extensions as an option.

But there's no point boosting about any of these when you can try it out yourself, I heard this makes a little bit of downforce as well, would you believe it :p

and btw for the real thing:

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Latest reviews

As a keyboard player i can finally imagine being in a sim setup in a AC
you are welcomed :D
The FFB on this is amazing! Are there any other cars out there that share this kind of FFB?
Can any Mojito Racing MR-1 sim rig owner confirm this virtual one drives like the real one ;) ?
It really is fun, and at least Mojito Racing MR-1 sim rig owners can see there own sim rig when driving in VR.
Car doesn't shift so undrivable. Tried paddles and sequential. Must be missing something???
VERY FUN! Its like a Go-Kart, but its not. 10/10 To whoever had the idea to create this
bad replica
Great fun! Check the showcase on my channel here :) -
Best mod ever

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