High Speed Ring

High Speed Ring 1.0

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High Speed Ring
by darqL


My first ever public track for Assetto Corsa .

Original authors of the track for Rfactor 2 :
- Some textures in beta/alpha
leBluem - Lights (edited by me )

Mascot - Baloons (edited by me)​

twobegreen - Grass FX​

Thank you for your permissions and help

Goal of the project is to learn more about assetto corsa modding , have fun and create accurate and free version of one of my favourite tracks from Gran Turismo.

It isn't perfect but i will try to make it better and better with little help ;) .

  • 4 layouts (Classic, Classic Reverse,Endurance,Endurance Reverse)
  • Collisions
  • Shadows
  • Track Map
  • Sound (reverb etc.)
  • Pits - 29
  • a.i (thanks to Ofitus21 and LiquidSkyMan for help)
  • Track cameras
  • Rain Extension
  • Light Extension
  • Fireworks FX
  • Grass FX
  • Loading Screens
  • Origin Icon

Whats next
There will be next layout - "Modern". Current layouts are "classic" and Endurance .
Modern version will focus on better look and some modern features such as :

  • 3D Grass
  • Modern Lights -modern lighting supporting vehicles without lights (The current lights are not strong enough and there are dark parts of the track.)
  • More Trees and grandstands.
  • Electronic Flags
  • Track resurface and better road textures.
  • F1 skin (In Progress)

Help and constructive criticism are welcome.
Please remember that im beginner.
If you know how fix certain things let me know.
Feel free to add some features .

I will give link to your work .

Some screens:

Latest updates

  1. 1.0

    Quick note After a long time, here is version 1.0. This was probably the most difficult...
  2. "Oops! We ran into some problems " - Another update about version 1.0

    The update is complete and waiting to be uploaded. However, it is probably cursed, because first...
  3. Info about progress and version 1.0

    Hi ,the new update after a short break from modding is almost finished but I will not be able to...

Latest reviews

great mod so fast using redbull X 2010 so fun track make another track from grant turismo.
Perfect! Tricked my brain into thinking I was playing Gran Turismo
Would be better if every object's exposition was reduced from 0.5 / 0.6 to 0.3 / 0.3 cause rn it so damn BRIGHT.
Unnaturally so.
Love it
Good job, thanks!
Thank you veeeery much for allowing us to remember those old glory days of PS2 with this piece of art...
Thanks for a great job. But if you allow, I'm missing an extension file for RainFX, GrassFX, if I need it, I can send it to my email.
Crashes at loading. Unexpected error.
This is a familiar bug to me and appears to some people. It will be fixed in the upcoming version 1.0. I hope you will like it more then.
I can also, if you prefer, give it to the entension folder, because the one in the track file doesn't work, I have a corrected one for your track with GrassFX, lightFX and RainFX, my email is diogopires1@live.com THX
Great update. This is my favorite track for AC. I spent 100's of hours tuning cars and testing them in Gran Turismo, I mean, lots of hours, now I'm doing the same thing with this track! Well, bro, you deserve a thumbs up and when the totally finished version comes out, I'll take care of you! The textures are noticeably better, I ran the older version first, then the new one, and it's a really great improvement. Keep working on the 2D trees, they're coming along nicely.

I would recommend to everyone to be sure and delete the old version, then manually install the new highspeedring2 folder to conten/tracks.

I hope you don't mind, but I have made some skins for this track.
1. Winter
2. Dead grass
3. Green grass & darker asphalt

Lastly, thank you for the models.ini file, it's really an important step with a great track!
amazing work
pure nostalgia
How about night lighting for buildings?
Thank you so much.
Thank you for your feedback . Building lights will be added in the future in another track configuration .
Still needs a little work here or there but good job so far
I likes the track very much, but in this new version the track doesnt load....CM said that its impossible to load with 0 cars....??
Hi, have you fixed this error yet? Have you tried a fresh installation? On which configuration did the problem occur?
very beautifully!
Can definitely see where it needs work. Best of luck. Looking forward to seeing what's next.
Excellent work my friend!!! Easily one of my favorite tracks of all time. So much fun!!!
Thank's very fun track!!
Thanks for helping me relive the past :)
Probably one of the first tracks I raced on when I got into sim racing many years ago. I have to admit, Gran Turismo was my first simulator and I loved it. Played it up to GT 6 Love this version in Assetto Corsa. Brings back great memories of my first wheel and pedals and building my first sim rig out of scrap wood in my work shop. Please know we appreciate your hard work and hope you will continue to mod those fantastic tracks from the classic GT series. Apricot Hill comes to mind hint hint lol. keep up the great work...thanks again
Thanks. That was one of the first tracks for me too ;) . As long as i will have fun of it there will be some mods from me :). Apricot Hill i think exist for Assetto Corsa if you dig enough .
mate ivebeen waiting for this so awesome to lap my childhood fav track cheers man
I waited too . But nobody wanted to do this and create finished mod for AC. Sooo here im haha .

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