Hockenheim_old 0,6

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Source track -> rfactorcentral, by TTTTT (converted from GP4 for rFactor)
Thanks ;)

First version, please submit the bugs in forum AC, here or my forum acf1ligue.com



Latest updates

  1. Hockenheim Version 0.6

    - Addition of objects in the pit lane (original objects AC) - Correction of the track (3D) area...
  2. Hockenheim Version 0.5

    - Update First Chicane - Correction File surface
  3. Hockenheim V0.4

    - Added IA + IA PIT - Adding cameras - Changing the landscape (new 3D & 2D trees) - Fixed...

Latest reviews

I like this track. Good job.
Good. It's the only classic layout I founded (except 60s and 88s versions) but AI don't works. Only for practice. Need an update!
excelent,i drive on this great old track,it's was an older motobike game pc.can't remember the name,but i remeber the soopter when he sad : HAGA",the Driver MotoGP from Japan.
Pecfect for the Mc Laren MP4/4. THX
Thanks! :)
Just awesome, one of greatest tracks in history! Great job, thanks! btw, the first chicane is forgiving for shortcutting it, without 5 sec penalty.
Exellent track... brings back some good old memories from when i started watching Formula One ;) nice work and keep up the works in progress so that we might get nice old tracks from a time long lost ;)
Awesome, i love it
Awesome, no probs at all!
Amazing work, fast progress, great track.
hope in future updates, great work and keep going .
Many thanks for this fantastic track!
Superbe version 0.4
Feels great man! Thanks for the work! Just a quick question, would you also mind doing the current Hockenheim?
is expected but not right away.
I have completed Hockenheim_old, Interlagos and A1 Ring 100% before starting a new track.
Good track fee like im playing gp4 again :)

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