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This is the BETA R8 Gordini for rFactor

This is the version 0.3

- Corrections to known:
/ Most of the inside and outside mirrors
/ Correction CAMS
/ Sons to change (they are those of mod for rFactor R8 Gordini 1)

- I expect a maximum return on physical (what could be improved and it is important not to change).
- In Cockpit view, what I can improve

Credits MOD (move it by the final release)
- Full 3D PCModel
- Nicolas Cruz (NSChumacher) Mapping / textures / formatting

Participants: Yoss, Tortue G, Mulsanne, antony and I forget but it is only temporary Thank you once again
I use sounds mod Franck55, this is only temporary ... God rest his soul I could not ask for permission .... So we will ourselves.
No mirror in this version - No driver, it's normal

That is,
Have fun!
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Latest updates

  1. Version 0.4

    Thank for this update : Petra Sklenarova Just detached from that old rfmod, plus some graphic...

Latest reviews

Sorry to write this down but this is the worst car mods I ever downloaded for AC and rF2. It looks to me it is not being finished, lot of transparent layers, no tires. Also the cars body paint it is to much “ my little pony” art work. Is this an rFactor1 mod that has being swapped to rF2?
look at the date, June 28, 2014 version 0.4 and since rf2 has changed and the car has not been updated for a long time
I will ask the removal of the file because it is far from being up to date.
With me no cockpit view possible. From the outside, the car looks like it was only half finished and partly transparent.
Hello, go download this car on the official page acfl : https://www.***********/download-r8-gordini-for-ac/
i update the file here tomorow
Its feels good, having never driven a Real one i can only guess at its feel, but i have owned and driven a Lada, and it has a certain feeling of unpredictability like it! ;)
Thank you, excellent work.

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