Interlagos 0.5

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Probably the worst track conversion in the history of human beings.
Muito poluído, nada a ver com Interlagos, curvas e inclinações estão erradas. Eu sou piloto e corro em Interlagos.
The track itself is fun and well modled. Lots of work i guss.
But its over exposed. Looks on my screen like there are three suns in the sky! Its to the point where i cant make out track borders... also the ground textures suck and there is no grass.
But a little more worke and its an amazing track. Thanks!
better than nothing but is a flat tracks , almost no feedback, ai fails and hit themselves at the beginning of the race, and graphics looks old....not the best interlagos...not for competing with the ai...but thankful for the work. But in this case to play vs ai i will go for automobilista...
mesh is quite good, but sometimes I feel like the asphalt is too wide.
Textures need massive improvements though to make this track worth it. I appreciate the effort, but in it's current state it doesn't fit well into AC , just my honest oppinion
looks 20 years old
This trackis just awesome. Considering it's only the 0.5 version and already looks amazing.
Looks bad, feels bad.
You are the first to tell me that, you could argue to improve this wrong?
Excellent job mate! Thanks!
Very nice track thank you for sharing, very good graphics and track surface.
Just had a great race with a few M1's, very enjoyable, AC does not get any better than this.
Great TRACK and a great job!
i love this track!!!! thanksss
nice conversion but poor textures and enviroment detail .
wow great track bud keep it coming
Great new improvements, excellent progress.
Very good
i love the detail i see ,even though its early stage devellopment
great job on interlagos
The first thing i had to say: ilove this track
My respect for your work
But now there are two things
1) the colours are awefull, can you make it darker?
2) we start in 2 weeks a little championship and need 24+ pits,
can you add more pits, so we can drive it in our championship?
If there where other colours i will give it up to 5 stars
this is a WIP release so the colors will be improved.
we plan to other tracks, but we finished a track at a time.

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