Houston Reliant Park 2007

Houston Reliant Park 2007 1.15

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Houston Reliant Park 2007

Based on:
Houston Reliant Park 2007 1.10 for rFactor
By: Matt Thompson and Friends*

Grand Prix of Houston, featured a fast curving section around the perimeter of the famous Astrodome, as well as a series of medium and slow speed corners. Laid out on the asphalt surface of the parking lot, it was quite a fast and frenetic layout, if not a little bumpy.




- Main conversion by @rmi_wood
- CSP / RainFX, LightsFX, GrassFX by @Shi (shin956)

*original track credits in readme.txt

Latest updates

  1. New fixes

    changelog by @rmi_wood - cones are now moveable POBJECT - 2d crowds replaced with Kunos style...
  2. Pit timer fix

    changelog v1.11 - fixed lap not counting when going through pitlane thanks @VM516 for alerting...
  3. Update AI + fixes

    changelog v1.10 by @rmi_wood : - ai_hints helps at "turn 1" after start chicane - tirewall...

Latest reviews

I appreciate the conversion! I'd love to run this on my IndyCar AI season for 2024, but the AI lines are rather slow. They basically just stay to the middle of the track. I tried making my own, but despite following an instructional video, I couldn't even keep the track boundaries correct. So I get that it's not a straight forward thing, I tried! But without that, it's an average mod that's not usable outside of a league or hotlapping.
I can try to revise the AI, however it is actually very hard track for Asseto AI with the chicane after long straight and the very tight corners.
Why do people make tracks that "only" work with CSP? Not good...
The source files for this track were of very low quality. CSP is the only way to get even a decent rendition or the community. In such an old game, CSP brings it up to todays standard and is used by over 90% of the active community.

Too bad you felt the need of 1 star and denegrate people who try to give to the community, rather than anything constructive to give of yourself.
Street tracks are the best and this one has always been one of my favourites. I'm over the moon that you keep this wonderful circuit updated for us all to enjoy. Thanks @rmi_wood :-)
the track itself is great but the ai dont take the best line, if someone made a fix for the ai line then this track would be perfect
If I can find the time I will have a look. Thanks
I cant even say how many laps i've done around this little track. Reminds me of when I went in 2007 to the Champ Car and ALMS races. Thank you greatly. I hope the background (the repeating city skyline) is fixed to place it in just one location and just have sky in the rest, seeing the same skyscrapers all 360 degrees is a bit strange. But I still have so much fun lapping this. In Audi R8 lmps, supercars, or even small Mazda cup cars, it is so so much fun.
I've been hoping someone would wipe out the white concrete for years. It's looking better all the time.
pit lane exit is awful, rest is great
Yes, it needs to be subdivided. On the todo :)
I had to stop mid-drive to say how fun this track is. Looks great but is an absolute blast to drive. Great job!
Very fun track. Nice work. Thank you
great updates, thank you
The track is good and it works well but the textures are garbage by today's standards. Certainly in need of a remaster.

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