Interlagos Formula 1 2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix Add-ons Extension

Interlagos Formula 1 2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix Add-ons Extension 4.0

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No track link will be shared here as RD doesn't allow it
Previous updates of extensions have been deleted because of it so if you want to use this extension, you have to find the track by yourself.

Update 4.0
  • New ext_config files (thanks to CrisT86)
  • New season variations file

Update 3.0
  • Heineken Obrigado Brasil painting (T1)
  • New Pirelli and SP for everyone grounds (T12/13)
  • New Heineken billboards (T1)
  • PZero billboard relocation (T3)
  • DHL billboards change (T4)
  • "advanced" animation (T6)
  • Updated Raizen billboards (T7 & T8)
  • F1 TV billboards (T11)
  • BWT billboards and boards at pit entry
  • "Sao Paulo The world meets here" section in pit straight

Update 2.0
  • Add of billboards from 2021 Grand Prix Practice (Fortesec, Raizen...)
  • Adjustment of billboards and grounds from 2021 Grand Prix Practice
  • Senna Building (thx to Browser for footage)
  • 2 new animated displays
  • more stands recolored
  • New Rolex clock model update with realtime dynamic hands and lights

This extension is a full overhaul which includes all the environment for the Formula 1 2021 Brazilian Grand Prix.

This extension is designed for the vhe_interlagos track.
Installation procedure can be found at the end of this post.

A lot of add-ons including :
  • All the billboards from the 2021 F1 Grand Prix
  • All the ground textures from the 2021 F1 Grand Prix
  • All-new realistic brake marker with correct font
  • Live video displays
  • Recolored stands at turns 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 & 14
  • Additional new Emirates bridge at turn 14
  • Animated pit entry display and 2 more displays
  • Animated Rolex Clock display
  • Animated Heineken bridge display

Install procedure :
  • always backup your track extension folder somewhere
  • Unzip the content of the file in your assetto corsa folder (overwrite files if needed)
  • if it doesn't work, you probably have a wrong version of the track or the extension folder is not where it needs to be.
Custom Shaders Patch is needed.
stFlow is required for animated display.

To enable / disable this extension you just have to open the ext_config.ini file and change line(s) from ACTIVE=1 to ACTIVE=0









Latest reviews

thank you
Best of the Best!!
Fantastic work! Thank you!
I have downloaded the track and I have a fair few of the track extensions downloaded with other tracks and they work fine. For whatever reason when I try to drag and drop the file in Content manager it says that there is no content available. I have looked over the installation process and I'm still having no look.
Thank you, absolutely fantastic!
Not actually been able to use this yet, been searching for "vhe_interlagos" for about an hour, I'd love to edit & give 5 stars when I can play it, appreciate you can't link tracks. Can you tell us at least who the track is made by to help us find it?
what fantastic work thank you for sharing.
amazing big thx !!!
Good job
I put you the link of my discord with the list of some improvements.
Simply lovely
Excellent details!
the best
Wow it is fantastic it is a brilliant job done here!
Thank you, simply unbelievable
Incredible work!!!!
Your work is incredible
Love it, another great extension sir, well done and thank you.
nice addon but i cant find the version of the track
And that's why you decide to rate down the extension ???
No track link will be shared here as RD doesn't allow it

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