Jarama 1.1

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The Circuito del Jarama (Circuit of Jarama) is a motorsport racetrack located in San Sebastián de los Reyes, north of Madrid.(wikipedia)
Conversion from GTR2.

-CSP recommended
-2009/2022/1995 BPR layout
-43 pit/start
-AI, cam

Note; Set CSP Settings→ General Patch Settings→ CPU optimizations→ Chunks optimizations to Basic (default).
2023-10-12 154211.jpg

Credits & Thanks;
Original 3D model made by AMRHarry.
Original rFactor track made by Chacal.
Everything except the basic track mesh redone by ZWISS and Thank you for gave me permission.
Many new objects, textures and mapping by ZWISS.

AC Converted by @shin956
logo.png and sections.ini by @Fanapryde
AI sidelines @kevink63
preview, kerb texture, AI, loadingscreen, Contact the author of dunlop bridge by @macko68
texture edit by @Mascot
extra ext_config by @slider666
dunlop bridge by El primo de Stig and Thank you for gave me use permission
marshall, tree and some textures by kunos
marshall and ambulances placement by @CosmiC10R
Test, Feedback by @Mascot , @breathe_reprise , @kevink63 , @CosmiC10R
camtool(2009 layout) by @Viola_seven
Tweaked texture and ext_config by Mike08

Here is the youtube and patreon of the author of dunlop bridge


If you feel like donating something: https://www.patreon.com/shin956

Latest updates

  1. v1.1 update

    v1.1 changelog; -Added 1995 BPR layout. -Added 3D terrain. -Updated ext_config.ini and...
  2. 1.01

    v1.01 changelog; -Fixed flickering of pit buildings on 2022 layout. Thanks for the report by...

Latest reviews

Muchísimas gracias!!! Qué buena versión, está replicada exactamente igual que es en la realidad, el trazado, las inclinaciones, todo lo que rodea al circuito por fuera, y hasta los baches, qué gran trabajo, enhorabuena.

Thanks a lot!!! What a good version, it is replicated exactly the same as it is in reality, the layout, the inclinations, everything that surrounds the circuit on the outside, and even the potholes, what a great job, congratulations.
thanks verry good
Here I leave you the link for a better layout of the AI
PS: I am also AMRHarry, one of the fathers of this recreation.
Congratulations on the current version in which you have added the 1995 layer although the posters need to improve the texture a little (scratches, mattresses, etc.)
Thank you for your comments and AI improvements!
This has been my go-to track on AC since I found it. Over 1300 km driven on it so far. It's perfect because I live like 20 minutes away from it in real life.

Would you guys consider making the Rallycross version? That would be AWESOME.

Reference: https://www.rally-maps.com/Rallyshow-Comunidad-de-Madrid-RACE-2023/Tramo-Eliminatorias-4WD
Thank you.
No plans to do so at this time.
Fun track! Great work
Thanks, wanted to try the BPR gridpreset that i got from Dan in this. Danke!
LOVE your work, but in this case I prefer the previous version (1.01) with the Mike08 background and the much more interesting track surface. I'm not a fan of this seeming trend toward "smoothing out" track surfaces -- I want to feel it. Be nice if there were a couple options for those of us who prefer that rougher road feel. Sergio Loro does this perfectly, providing low, medium, high, and ultra options for most of his tracks.
Thank you!
If the previous road surface is better for you, please download v1.01 from the History tab and overwrite jarama_2009_road.kn5.
Genial, muchas gracias
Excellent Shin, always appreciate you coming back to update previous releases. This circuit stays as one of my all time favorites!
Muchas gracias. Una de mis pistas favoritas desde que era pequeño y se inauguró.
fantastic update!!!! thx
Fantastic :D..perfectly suits the most awesome city in the world
Love this track always. Thanks for your work mate.
Very good, thank you!
The flow of this Track... soo good... Thanks for this amazing work! Only the horizon textures could be better imo and also some textures here and there, everything else is good!
came across this accidently looking for another track. glad i did, thankyou
Very good
Incredible track! TOP!
here it is a lap if u like ;)
Excellent! The only cam available is really good but would be really nice to have 1 or 2 more at that quality level! I guess some of the outer circuit details could be upgraded but this is not a problem for getting 5 stars as the track is really well done and it's so immersive I've spent lots of hours and it's a pleasure to drive from time to time. Thank you very much!

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