LaFerrari starter skin pack

LaFerrari starter skin pack 1.3

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Starter skin pack for the LaFerrari, including carbon body parts and rims. Ideal for MP.
Hope you like them, updates will follow. This is just day 1 :)
EDIT: original suits reinstalled, mod suits don't work. Only added helmets.
More screens will follow on the discussion page of this thread.

Latest updates

  1. Interior design, upgraded wheel_blur files

    Hey there, long time since I've been working on skins, I know...there's always so much to do in...
  2. 4 new skins, all of the skin pack colors have been digitally enhanced.

    This pack needs a little celebration as it has been downloaded more than a THOUSAND times...
  3. New tyres, used my own custom tyre design, same tyres as Huayra.

    I used my custom tyre design, the same as the Huayra pack, for this pack. Colors match body...

Latest reviews

Great work - Thanx for the effort.
Top tweaking, I love the additions.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks!! The seatbelt file came from the 458 Speciale pack ;-)
The "golden" boy of Skins has "written" a fantastic new chapter at La Ferrari ;-)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks 4 your support!!
I've just had the pleasure of being a part of a Ferrari LaFerrari unveiling and delivery at my local Ferrari dealer, and after the event, your mod has given me so much more respect for the car. Excellent mod, hope you get more downloads. Cheers.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
That's an instant feel good review right there. I love it when virtual creations connect with reality. I wished to be in your shoes when they unveiled that hypercar, I never saw one for real. Sometimes however, some very nice cars pass by in the street...458 Speciale, Aventador, Lotus 211,Vanquish, Nissan GT-R, M3, M6, AMG.... I live in the wrong hood cause they never stop here. Thanks for your support.
something so simple yet awesome..........its just in the imagination babyy
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Imaginatipn can be very powerful in a creative mind.
The sunny sun goes up in my heart he is creative a little bit again and it is nice to see this ;-) !!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
moi aussi :-)
brilliant pack cheers bud
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
you're welcome...maty :-)
Ohhhh yessss you did it flashed my eyes with this fantastic skins especially the red and black a wonderful work... ;-) !!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Oops..I...did it again.... now I understand what Britney meant :-)
AWeS0mE....Yes. Man, I like what you did on making these G0rg0us skins. Thanks................=)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks, more skins will follow but the quality will be even better. I just need some time for the new skins.
Ohhhh yessss you did it flashed my eyes with this fantastic skins... ;-) !!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
I knew it!! :-)
Love it!! Added bonus being you figured out how to color the gloves (I need a dark purple pair..hint hint)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
that's credits to blackcelica: he informed the gloves file are named incorrectly. It should say :Driver_gloves_Grey in stead of driver_gloves. Once you done that, colour away my friend :-)
But I will throw in a purple pair in due time. Who knows more skins will follow?
Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you bro~!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
no prob, sis!!
again another eyecandies! currently my new fav car now. thanks for sharing these wonderful skins =)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
some more coming up in a minute :-)
Very nice!
What the hack???
A w e s o m e!!!
Thanks mate...!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
U R W E L C U M! Oops,that sounds a bit akward :-)
Like the yellow & black one ,)
A good mix of colors in the pack as well.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
That's what I tried to achieve as the standard colours aren't that variable. Thanks.
Fookin awesome. Thanx.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Allright dude!!
Thank you.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
You're welcome :-)

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